I am spending about 60 days in Las Vegas to work on assorted content and audience building projects.  If you are interested in building audiences and that sort of thing I encourage you to follow my series called 60 Days in Las Vegas.  You can find Part 1 HERE and Part 2 HERE and Part 3 HERE and Part 4 HERE and Part 5 HERE and Part 6 HERE and Part 7 HERE and Part 8 HERE and Part 9 HERE.

March 19
Some Notes – It’s Friday.  Every Friday I post to Facebook my tree planting post with a link to my donation platform.  On Medium I posted my short story – The hat off her head and I imported the poem Awareness.

One Tree Planted badge

Every Friday I post my platform to encourage donations

I then biked 20 miles round trip to order my own Safari Arie t-shirt.  Then added my daily Strava maps to my BC and AB blogs.  This by no means a priority but t I did it anyways.  At some point I need to do it.

I added images such as these to all my blog post from my ride through BC & AB

Guests at the Airbnb kept me awake all night long.

March 20
Some Notes – I posted my Prairie rattlesnake video to 18 Facebook bike groups  and my Joshua Tree video to 16 Facebook bike groups.  [8 days later the Prairie rattlesnake video would show 29 new views and the Joshua Tree video with 25 new views].

I emailed a contact through Travel + Leisure Magazine and Outpost Magazine and researched a few other magazines.

I had to take a nap because everyone kept me up last night.  I also noticed that it 7pm and it’s still a bit light out.  So different than I am used to.

Later in the evening I worked on my Calgary to Victoria audio text for that YouTube video.

March 21
Some Notes – On Medium I posted the short story – Recognized again.  I also imported the poem Those Moments and imported my Environmental manifesto blog post.

I shared my Reptile Camp video to 25 Facebook bike groups and some bike photos to 4 other Facebook bike groups.  [7 days later the Reptile Camp would show 20 new views].

I edited and SEO’d My Environmental manifesto blog post and I continued working on my Calgary to Victoria audio text for that YouTube video.

I also spent time researching organic cotton t-shirt suppliers in Canada for the future t-shirt line.

March 22
Some Notes – I woke up to an email response from one of the magazines I emailed.  But they want me to write the story.  This magazine is online only.  This is great news at its the very first publication to ever ask me to write anything.

Today was not a very productive day.  I recorded the audio of Prairie to Badlands YouTube video.  But then I re-edited the final script for future uses and realized that I needed to re-record the audio to adjust for the more improved content/text.  So, all the audio that I did today was deleted.

I finished editing and organizing my photos for the future Calgary to Victoria YouTube video.  The Prairie to Badlands YouTube video is our next big YouTube video and then we will release a Calgary to Victoria YouTube Video.  Eventually after Calgary to Victoria will be The Pacific Coast YouTube video.

Today I received an email that said our YouTube channel have reached 6,000 views.  Only 5 days after our channel celebrated 1 year.

March 23
Some Notes – I shared my – How to reach your dreams blog post to 17 Facebook bike groups.  On Medium a posted my short story – You must be biking across Canada.

This morning was also my monthly check-in on the Healthy Way Vibes.  They always make the show so easy to do.  That is meant as I high compliment.

I then biked 20 miles round trip to pick up my new t-shirt.

This evening I came up with the most amazing t-shirt idea in my life.  I would love to share but that will have to wait until our line of shirts are released.  I feel this idea is so good that it will have made these 2 months in Las Vegas worth it just for this.

March 24
Some Notes – I responded to the magazine that wants me to write an article with a counter proposal to their suggestion.  Then I spent some time thinking and brainstorming my most amazing t-shirt idea.

I finally recorded the audio and finished and completed everything for the Prairies to Badlands YouTube documentary video.  I also recorded the audio and completed everything for Calgary to Victoria YouTube documentary video.

I proof read and finished my second short story about bison call Pedalling Cowboy Style from my first bike ride in 2011.

I worked on the Pacific Coast Highway audio notes for that YouTube video to be third in line after the Calgary to Victoria video is completed.

I worked on my first draft of an article that may become an online magazine article.  A very productive day.

March 25
Some Notes – On Medium I posted – My most constant companion and I imported the poem How much strength must I have and I imported my blog post – Bored? Go save the planet.  I shared How to actually reach your goals to 14 more Facebook bike groups.

I have so much to work on I took a nap because I was bored.  The day was basically a write-off.

March 26
Some Notes – Started the day with a video chat with Aidan & Matt.  They like my idea.  Like I said I think this idea alone paid for and made my time in Las Vegas worth it.

I got an email response from the magazine that wishes me to write my own article.  They picked the option that was not the article I started 2 days ago.  All good; that article won’t go to waste.

For a second day I am not motivated to do anything.  I think it’s simply how hard I pushed myself a few days ago.

March 27
Some Notes – I shared my Atlantic Canada YouTube video to 17 Facebook bike groups.  Tomorrow that video is one year old.  I also shared some bike photos to 5 Facebook bike groups.  [over 4 days while I was still in Las Vegas the Atlantic Canada video received 205 new views and 6 new Subscribers].

I spent the rest of the day working on my new magazine article and the article I started earlier in the week.  That draft/article that will be put in the archives for a bit is called 10 reasons why Canada is great.

March 28
Some Notes – I slept like crap last night.  I shared my Atlantic Canada YouTube video to 16 more Facebook bike groups.  I posted 60 Days in Las Vegas Part 8 and Part 9.  And I wrote 60 Days Las Vegas- Part 10 up until March 27

I had to take a nap from not sleeping well last night.  And a good part of the evening was spent dealing with an issues and writing an email down to Belize.

March 29
Some Notes – I had a great 2 hour video chat with Aidan and Matt on progress with everything they are working on and about creating an “unboxing experience” for the business.

I then needed to take a nap for a second day in a row because I slept like crap again last night.

The afternoon was spent reviewing and offering suggestion to the Safari Arie.co website.  I then continued to working on my magazine article due in April.  I then needed to respond via email and conclude my headaches with Belize (hopefully for the foreseeable future).

March 30
Some Notes – As per the usual that last few nights I did not sleep great.  On Medium I posted my second short story on Bison called Pedaling Cowboy Style and I posted the poems Just lying in my tent and Haunted by the desires that will never be.

I organized some computer notes I also started packing some of my stuff for when I leave on April 1st.

I wrote and published a blog post called Just the facts. What are the chances?  One of the craziest stories of my bike ride across Canada and then also published that story on Medium

I then worked on my US Pacific Coast audio text for that documentary video for YouTube.

March 31
Some Notes – The tenants kept me awake all night again.  I did not expect this but I was able to completed the PCH audio text and I recorded the audio.  I shared my Just the facts. What are the chances? blog post to 5 Canadian Facebook bike groups.  I also basically completed my magazine article that is due in April.  I completed this blog post 60 Days in Las Vegas – Part 10 and Part 11 Review.

Today we hit 300 YouTube Subscribers


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