February 2 to 7, 2021

I am spending about 60 days in Las Vegas to work on assorted content and audience building projects.  If you are interested in building audiences and that sort of thing I encourage you to follow my series called 60 Days in Las Vegas.  You can find Part 1 HERE and Part 2 HERE and Part 3 HERE

February 2

Some Notes – This morning started out with a productive and hopeful conversation with my oldest nephew Aidan regarding a potential passive income business around the Safari Arie.  I than spent some time researching possible t-shirt & water bottle suppliers.

I am attempting to get myself as organized as possible for my time in Las Vegas.  I wrote Part 1 of 60 Days in Las Vegas of my series of blog posts attempting to document this time in Las Vegas.

I feel and my biggest hope is that in the next year or two I will be able to reference my time and work in Las Vegas to doors opening for me in the future.

I also edited a few more days worth of photos and I also wrote a regular blog post – California Part 8 (saved in drafts).

I am going to judge this day also as productive.  Though a few of the things I wanted to at least start today did not get started.

February 3

Some Notes – I spent most of the day attempting to video tape Part 1 of my 60 Days in Las Vegas.  It took virtually all afternoon and many, many, many takes (50+) until my throat was sore and my voice was course.  This is not easy and very time consuming.  [These videos would end up being deleted and abandoning the idea of video my progress as explained in the beginning of the Part 1 blog post]

I did some photo editing.  And looked at some potential products (mugs & bottles) for resale.

I wrote blog post # 2 of the 60 Days in Las Vegas.  I also worked on Instagram by organizing all the various hashtags I would need for the next few months and potentially years.  I wrote another regular blog post – California Part 9 (saved in drafts).

While I was busy and worked pretty steadily it feels like I was not overly productive because of how long the video recording took.

February 4

Some Notes – I sort of slept in and then I had to go get groceries.  So basically the first part of my day was a right off.

In the afternoon I looked at some potential coffee mugs and a bunch of short messages with Aidan.  I got all my photos finally edited.  Now my photos just have to be uploaded to Flickr.  I did a little bit Instagram work.  Moving all my hashtags to my phone on Note Pad for future reference and access while on the road.  I also wrote 2 more blog posts – California Part 10 & 11 (saved in drafts).

I don’t feel today was overly productive though I did get a few things done.

February 5

Some Notes – I needed to visit Best, Buy, REI and Barnes & Nobel.  Realizing the weekend was coming I thought I would take care of that this morning.  I can’t say it was the most productive use of my time.  At REI I picked up a spare trailer tire tube and at Barnes & Nobel I picked up a map of Utah.

The other day I finally threw my one trailer tire tube out.  It had 10 patches on it.  The thing was I replaced it with a tube that had 9 patches on it.  I only get trailer flat tires.  Not bike tire flats.  I guess that is something to be thankful.

I spent some more time researching Instagram, I wrote 1 and half more blog posts – Better questions and reflections to live by Part 14 & Las Vegas Nevada Part 1 (saved into drafts) getting me completely caught up with the bike ride writing.  So that means I have 5½ blog posts in my website drafts.  Now I have to spend the time-consuming effort of uploading photos and adding website back links and actually posting the blog posts.

I was also able to get all my photos posted to Flickr.  I posted 1,528 photos (since leaving LA) bringing my current bike ride photo count to 16,250 photos posted.  This includes 733 photos taken during my time in Death Valley and 554 photos in 2 days of exploring Las Vegas.  And these numbers don’t count the photos that did not get published.

While my morning was not overly productive, the time I spent working was pretty productive.  But it’s no surprise that I wish I was further ahead of my tasks.

February 6

Some Notes – Today I scheduled and posted the maximum amount of 30 Instagram posts to Hootsuite and then set up another account on the platform called Later and posted and scheduled 30 more Instagram posts.   Hootsuite and Later are social media scheduling platforms.  It would seem the maximum post that you can schedule on these scheduling platforms with a free account is 30.

I then posted my Reptile Camp video to 11 Facebook groups and then I posted my living statue photos from Las Vegas to 11 more Facebook groups.

"" "" living statue bike man

Living statue photos from Las Vegas

I was also able publish 4 blog posts to the website.  I am going to consider today a productive day.

February 7

Some Notes – The plan was to start going to bed a little earlier to start getting up earlier.

One of other guests staying here decided 1am (last night) was a good time to do a laundry.  I ended up turning the machine off myself at 2am and the shortly after that another guest came home and decided it was good idea to talk to his latest girlfriend for an hour.  And then the other guest decided to use the washroom but left the lights.  Which shines into my room.  So I had to get up to turn the lights off.

So I finally dragged my butt out of bed at 11:30 am.

At 1pm I had a Zoom meeting with my media guy Matt (and his girlfriend Blanca) mostly discussing Instagram and how to improve my photos.  It was a bit of an eye opener where I am really falling short on some of my photo categories from the perspective of sponsorship potential and possibilities.

I made lunch and then I fell asleep for a few hours.

Two blog posts that were 90% complete are now published.  Technically I am “caught up” with all my current content on the road.

I spent some time reviewing the map of Utah for my plans in Utah.

The friggin guy in room #3 stole one of my beers out of the fridge.  But I can’t prove it.  Pisses me off.

Because I was pissed off I continued working on my Utah notes and made notes for Zion NP & Bryce NP. It was away to be productive while I was pissed.

60 Days in Las Vegas – Part 1

60 Days in Las Vegas – Part 2

60 Days in Las Vegas – Part 3

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