February 8 to 14, 2021

Some Notes –  I am spending about 60 days in Las Vegas to work on assorted content and audience building projects.  If you are interested in building audiences and that sort of thing I encourage you to follow my series called 60 Days in Las Vegas.  You can find Part 1 HERE and Part 2 HERE and Part 3 HERE and Part 4 HERE

February 8

Some Notes – I worked on Instagram – learned how to add and update Highlight stories and regular stories.  Added and scheduled my latest blog posts to Instagram scheduler including finding all relevant hashtags.

I spent the entire afternoon commenting on Instagram posts

The other week I decided that I would start including a screen shot of my daily Strava reports to each daily blog post. So I then spent a little time adding those screenshots to all my US blog posts since getting to the US.   I did that until I needed a short nap.  Except I accidentally fell asleep until 10pm   So I decided to try to go to bed then rather than be awake all night long.

My efforts on Instagram over the last few days has potentially netted me 6 new followers.  It is a lot of effort to grow Instagram.

I started cleaning out a bunch of my Facebook saves.  I suppose I was reasonably productive today.

February 9

Some Notes – Today was mostly spent researching online.  I am feeling a bit over whelmed with where to start.  Some of my Google searches included

  • How to find a journalist to write about you/ or your company
  • How to write a press release
  • How to pitch to a magazine
  • How to find editors
  • How to find journalist email addresses
  • Income sources for other adventure influencers

I also did lots Instagram commenting.

I am feeling a bit overwhelmed when it comes to direction.  I am feeling less productive then yesterday

February 10

Some Notes –  I started the morning writing a longer blog than anticipated.  I wrote a blog about and hoping to empty my monkey mind and to alleviate the sense of overwhelming.  You can find it HERE

I continue to do a lot of Instagram commenting.  Currently I am at a total of 14 new followers.   Did I mention how much work Instagram is?

And I continued to do more online research particularly from adventure influencers particularly researching their income sources.

Some people that I would consider adventure influencers are Alastair Humphreys, Toms Bike Trip, Bike Touring Pro, Cycling About and Bike Wanderer.

I found interesting read that can be found HERE .

I worked on recreating my website Photos page.  It was brought to my attention that I should have my best photos on my website page and not my Flickr feed where it shows my latest 100 photos.  The reason being is that 100 latest photos could be the same type of photos such as murals.  Not everyone cares about murals and i don’t want to turn people off by going to my Photos page.

I was able to complete a transaction with Adam from Bike Tour Adventures.  Adam purchased my studded bike tires and dynamo lights a while back.  I told him 100% of whatever I sold would go to plant trees through One tree Planted.  Adam was able to plant 225 trees.  My platform link can be found HERE

I completed my Utah route research   I researched my routes through Capitol Reef National Park, Arches NP and Canyonlands NP.  I think Utah is going to be really cool to visit.

While I felt productive writing this morning’s blog post I feel even less productive than yesterday.

February 11

Some Notes – I woke up this morning to find that my nephew Aidan had donated $40 to my One Tree Planted platform.  That was so cool to wake up to.

I spent most of the day researching t-shirt businesses as passive income and sponsorship blog posts

And I did a lot of Instagram commenting.  I don’t feel productive.

February 12

Some Notes- A little bit of this and a little bit of that.  Its amazing how little one can get done when you have all the time in the world and not under the gun.  When I am at a host place, I only have a few days before I get back on the road.   When I get an opportunity to get some work done at a host, I need to make every minute count.

But I am feeling and seeing a direction regarding writing a magazine article.

February 13

Some Notes – The friggin guests/people in this Airbnb took my food again.  I had to get upset at the lady like 3 days ago for taking my food.  It’s crazy I have been in numerous hostels with 20 to 50 people and never have anything go missing.  But here it is a regular occurrence and there is only 4 rooms in this house including mine.

I jerry-rigged repaired my tent, and emailed MSR about my dislike for this tent and about my broken poles.   And as usual continuing to work on Instagram.

I spent much of the day working on different drafts of a magazine articles.

February 13

Some Notes – Most of my day was spent writing 6 short stories that could be potential magazine intros or stories by themselves.

[Some of these stories can now be found on Medium.  Medium is a paid blogging platform.  People are able to access a few posts for free each month.  Therefore, you may not be able to read every link].

And of course, I spent some time on Instagram.

February 14

Some Notes – A wasted day.  I got no sleep last night thanks to one guest watching tv till the wee hours of the morning and the other guest celebrating Valentine’s Day with some girl into the wee hours of the morning.

Generally, every day I spend about 2 hours a day commenting on Instagram posts.  It’s the task I work on when I take my TV breaks.

February 15 & 16

Some Notes – Due to my lack of direction and motivation and self doubt I decided to take 2 days to bike around Red Rock Canyon.  I ended up getting back to the Airbnb soon than anticipated.  I thought I would be out at least another day.  The link to that blog post – Las Vegas Nevada Part 2 (Feb 15 -16) can be found HEREOn a positive, the time away gave me some much needed energy.

60 Days in Las Vegas – Part 1

60 Days in Las Vegas – Part 2

60 Days in Las Vegas – Part 3

60 Days in Las Vegas – Part 4

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