February 15

Km’s Pedalled – 38 km’s

Destination – Red Rock Canyon

Some Notes – Over the last week I have found myself overwhelmed with lack of direction and a lot of self doubt with everything I am attempting to try to accomplish while in Las Vegas.  Right now there is lot of self doubt and that this time spent in Las Vegas is going to be a royal waste of time and money.  I don’t feel that I am being as productive as I need to be to justify the cost of this Airbnb and I am only about 2 weeks into an 8 week Las Vegas stay.

I decided to take a few days to bike to and through Red Rock Canyon to reset my brain, mind and direction.  I was packed up and left the Airbnb at 1pm.

A Las Vegas ghost bike.  Details can be found HERE

Red Rock Canyon

Stealth camping is not so easy at this side of the park.  There is barbed wire fencing along the entire length of the highway going through the park.  But I found one section where the fencing travels away from the road for a short section.

bike tent desert

It’s nice to be back in a tent.  The day was sunny and the evening is cool but it feels good to be uncomfortable again.   I am camped right near the entrance that you pay for entry to the main recreation area/scenic area.

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February 16

Km’s Pedalled – 62.5 km

Destination – back at the AirBnb

Some Notes – A windy night last night that produced headwinds all morning.  But other than that, a beautiful sunny day.

There is an entrance fee to access the Scenic Route.  The scenic route is a 20 km loop.  The guy at the entrance of the scenic route let me in for free.  What can I say?  A loaded bike sometimes has its advantages.  Bikes usually cost $5 to enter.

Besides biking the 20 km loop I hiked a bit at Calico 1 Hills.

I should have hiked a few more trails.  My day went quicker than anticipated.  I didn’t expect that.  I thought I had a lot biking to do.  But after about my first 8 kilometers (uphill) the rest of the way was mostly downhill and continued downhill all the way back to Hwy 160 entering into Las Vegas.  I thought for sure I would be camping another night.

strava map of Red Rock Canyon

I ended up taking close to 350 photos.  And I do feel rejuvenated and with a bit more direction.  At least for another week.  I will have to research more biking trips nearby as I suspect that this will not be last of my mini burn outs and feels of being overwhelmed.

From where I am staying there is a 115 km loop to Clark County Wetlands Park and Lake Las Vegas and the Hoover Dam is 70 kilometers one way from where I am staying also.

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