Such a simple idea that most of us have missed our entire lives.  How did I miss this idea my whole life?  How many stages of our lives are filled with boredom?  How many people are bored their whole lives?  And there is so much work to do.  Our planet is completely falling apart; especially socially and environmentally.  One could work 100 hours week their whole life and there would still be more work to do.  There would simply be more work the next day.  Who has time for boredom when they are on a mission to fix the planet?

We shake our head at the world’s problems assuming that those problems are for someone else to fix.  It never occurs to us that it is for us to fix and not someone else or the government.  The governments job is not to fix the problems of society that we as a society are capable of fixing ourselves.  We spend our whole life consuming, consuming and consuming and it has never occurred to us our purpose for living.  Our purpose for living is not to consume our life away for 80-90 years.  I would argue that our purpose for living is to make ourselves a better version of our current self by working towards a better planet – socially and environmentally.

We have all been given many God-given desires and gifts.  There is and was a purpose for those desires.  Many have dismissed, forgotten or shut down those desires.  How many God-given gifts go unused?  It is for us to discover or rediscover those desires and gifts and to put them to use for the betterment of our planet.

You will never find long term satisfaction or happiness in the pursuit of material things or status like the satisfaction you will find in purpose or a life-long mission to help make the planet a better place.  It is simply not possible.  Most hero’s are not gifted they simply saw a need and responded.

Even consider the selfish benefits of doing your part to fix the world?  Networking, doors of opportunity being opened, learning new skills, new experiences; a sense of satisfaction.  A very good and likely chance that your life will change for the absolute better.  When you think about it; you have nothing to lose and you, society and the planet have everything to gain.

Bored?  Go fix the planet.


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