Why won’t this emptiness go away
The roads I travel, the cold I feel
Still so empty inside

Every night the sun sets
Every morning a sun rises
Day in day out.  Already experienced ten lifetimes

The road fills my day
The cold  fills my night
But what fills my heart

A smile here a smile there
People wander there people wander here
The look of loss in their eyes

Still so very empty inside
I looked on the horizon
I wonder what it is that I’m looking for

My body and soul so tired
What will give me life
What will fill this heart of mine

How many tears
How many times must I cry out
I will not give in

We are all just killing time you and me
Your faces tell your story
You gave up long ago and you didn’t even know that you gave up
Your story was over before it got started

Written February 25, 2020


I miss you all the time

The Little Boy

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