I wake up fighting the loss
Looking down at the pieces of heart in my blood soaked hands
I hope to not feel for long

Fighting to keep my heart together
Meant to fight and protect for your heart
Who fights for my broken heart

God you awoke this great desire
Screaming out for God’s grace
Will God reconcile this body’s heart

Too much time, feels like only yesterday that you brought my greatest joys and happiness
Yesterday feels like forever ago, forever feels ago feels like only yesterday
May tomorrow never come for this empty heart

How many miles must a crawl on my knees
How many miles shall I travel before I am missed
How many miles shall I quench my desires with dust

Every broken heart is haunted by what the heart whats
Natures greatest forces don’t matter against my heart
My heart desires for whom my heart was created for

We will live 10,000 years in God‘s kingdom‘s
Every day feels like 10,000 years my heart misses
In 10,000 years I will never let go of you
For 10,000 years I will fight for you

I go to sleep every night fighting the loss

Written August 30, 2019

The Little Boy


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