Hi and welcome to my website and blog.  My name is Arie Hoogerbrugge originally from Canada and for over the last two years, I have been living in the jungles of Belize.  I started my blog in 2019 and have currently written over 400 blog posts (avg. 1,000 words each).

The first two years of my blog posts have revolved around my 26,000 km, 2 year bike ride from Canada to my home in Belize.  I started my bike ride on November 12, 2019, across Canada, through the USA, and down through Mexico, and arrived at my home in Belize on November 25, 2021.  Yes, that’s right I biked through the 2019-20 Canadian winter.  Since then, I have been blogging about my life, challenges, and struggles of living in the middle of the jungles of Belize.

Bike touring the 2019-20 Canadian winter – Digby, Nova Scotia

You are personally invited to check out my blogs and follow me on all my social media channels.  You can read about my website and everything I write about on my Home Page which can be found HERE.  To find out more about my background please check out my About Me page HERE.

Reasons to Follow My Journey

  • If you are looking to move and live in Belize or the jungle, I can offer my unique insights.
  • If you live a more boring, traditional lifestyle, I can perhaps inspire you to live with more adventure in your life. Or you can simply live vicariously through me.
  • If you love jungle, nature and wildlife, I post about that almost daily.
  • I am currently expanding my Belize-related and bike-touring content.

I find boa constrictors on my farm regularly

Maybe I can help you

  • If you are looking to move to Belize and would like to talk to someone about your fears and hesitations about such a big move, perhaps we can talk. I am currently looking to make a vocational shift towards Goal Coaching.  Similar to life coaching but more specifically to help people pursue life-changing goals.  I am not a lawyer or a real estate agent so I can’t help with that stuff, but I can be an ear or a sounding board to your anxieties, fears, or plans.  Please reach out.
  • If you are struggling to make or transition toward a life-changing goal other than moving to Belize. I have lived a rather unorthodox lifestyle in the pursuit of different goals and dreams in my life.  I have fulfilled multiple dreams and goals by owning a reptile business, having been a long-haul truck driver, a bike tourer, and now a farmer in Belize.  Please reach out.
  • I am currently looking to expand and grow my content and social media following. If you are a Belize tour guide and you would be interested in me doing a profile piece about you and your services offered.  Please reach out.

My road in 2023

Maybe you can help me

  • Very soon I am looking to bike tour the entire country of Belize including all the back roads of the country. If you are a local or an expat and would be interested in hosting me.  Please reach out.  Perhaps I can do a profile piece on any interesting projects that you are currently working on.
  • If you are a wealthy expat and would like a guest to visit you at your fancy home or boat here in Belize, please invite me. I am polite, and clean and have many interesting stories to entertain you with.

Social Media Channels

San Pedro, October 2023 – the first time in 20 years I put my head underwater

A Glimpse of My Website Content Concerning My Life in Belize

Life in Belize postsMy day-to-day journals of projects I am working on during my day along with daily struggles and challenges.  Included are lots of photos of my projects and the creatures I see in the jungle. Life in Belize

Belize Flora & Fauna postsRecently I have started organizing and cataloging my better photos of flora and fauna I have discovered and seen in Belize. Belize Flora & Fauna

Personal Reflection postsThis page has two parts to it.  First, it’s a place where I post my reflections and vent as it relates to some of my challenges here in Belize.  Secondly, it is where I post my Goal Coaching blog posts that reflect philosophies I do my best to follow and practice that have helped me to live a fairly unorthodox lifestyle. Personal Reflections

I also have separate pages for my 2019-21 bike tour, bike touring and camping, and poetry.

Arie H

A Black-tail Cribo Snake.  Fast but also common on the farm.

A Glimpse of My Life in Belize

I visited Belize for the first time in 1997 and purchased my house in 2003.  Since then, I have purchased 40 acres of the surrounding jungle.  I live in the Community Baboon Sanctuary on the Belize River.  I have about 400 coconut trees of various growth stages.  In the last two years, I have planted an additional 600 assorted fruit trees from seed.  I have built chicken coops and a 1,000 sq ft shade cloth greenhouse and a tiny apartment.  I currently am lending out the tiny apartment and greenhouse to a fellow Canadian who is looking to start a hot sauce company here in Belize.

Black Howler Monkey’s live here

During the first two years here (2021-23) I lived totally isolated by myself and had huge challenges to overcome that come with the territory of living here.  The only thing that has kept me going is being so immersed in nature and wildlife.  I actively hunt for snakes and other reptiles (for photography purposes), I have had three mountain lions and recently my first jaguar sighting since arriving in Belize in 2021.  Also, recently I adopted two malnourished and starving dogs that appeared out of the jungle.

Saucy & Pepper

Every day is hard work but more importantly, every day is an adventure.

Hopkins 2022

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