I can’t explain myself to this world
When you know that you don’t fit in
And the worst part is that it is probably just in your head

When all you ever remember is the pain
When tears flow way too easy
When you see no way out

How much pain can a single heart sustain
Why won’t this pain go away
Must I carry such a heavy burden

I can’t stay long. I can’t chance the exposure
If you only knew. You would send me away
You have no idea how much I care

I have never wanted to hurt you
The harder I tried the more I hurt
I never forget. I carry all the pain I have ever caused

The road is rough
Dragging my heart over the surface of every experience
A lifetime of pain has left very little heart

If you only knew how much I cared
If you only knew how much I loved
If you only knew how much you meant

How I failed you follows me everywhere
I see in your eyes the pain of failure
The fear of that little boy hidden inside you

Your eyes expose everything
That feeling when you know you don’t belong

Written September 2, 2019

The Emptiness Inside Me

My First published poem

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