Are you in denial of the pain I feel
Do you not know how I have bled
There my heart in pieces all over the ground

You deny all the young places of my soul
There is no freedom for the young places
I am old, no time or care

Are you in denial of the rage within you
How long can you hold back the tide
You have no chance, knocking at the door

You deny that life full of guilt
Have lost count of all the people that you hurt
Those souls have not forgotten

Are you in denial of the tears that flow so easily
They flow so hard they crash against the rock
The rock of my foundation

You deny how much shame defines you
If only they knew what you knew
They would ask you to leave

Are you in denial of all the self hatred
You have no idea how much I hate myself
You hate without even knowing it

You deny the failures that haunt your dreams
The failures you hide are the failures exposed
You can’t hide what is all over your face

Are you in denial of the end
You think you can beat this, you have no chance

Written on September 19, 2019

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