A unique living opportunity in the jungles of Belize
Hi, I have a unique opportunity for like-minded individuals looking to live in Belize.  My situation is that I am a single 50 year old male living on a 42 acre farm in the middle of the jungle on the Belize River in the Community Baboon Sanctuary.  I live by myself and it is way too much work for one person to maintain and keep up with.  The Community Baboon Sanctuary is located in the Belize District slightly north but central in the country.  My first visit to Belize was in 1997 and I purchased my home in 2002, but only officially moved here in late 2021.  Over the last two years, I have been working very hard to develop my land and I see value in the ability to share resources.

In full disclosure, I am not an expert in making proposals.  So, in the interest of not wasting your time or my time by reaching out to me with questions and wondering about ulterior motives, I am going to be as direct as possible and attempt to answer as many questions as I can think of that may result from such an offer.

Let me be honest about life in Belize from my perspective.
I love living life in the jungle.  The nature is what keeps me motivated and alive.  Nature literally saturates the senses.  Besides the parrots and monkey’s there are lots of mosquitos, snakes, tarantulas and scorpions.  Life here is not lazy or easy.  Life here is physical and lived in high humidity.  Are you scared off yet?

Are you afraid yet?

Life is largely unaffordable in Canada or the US.  Aspects of life can be expensive here in Belize.  This opportunity can make the move more affordable.  When it comes to dishonest locals and the Belizean Government, I have become very disillusioned with Belize.  I have been ripped off very regularly and expect to be ripped off in the future.  In good conscience, I can not actually recommend moving to Belize to anyone but if Belize is part of your future plans, then I am offering opportunities.  Life is probably cheaper in Mexico.  My first year hear was mostly hell but after almost two years I am in a better place compared to the extreme stress and anxiety of last year.  I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else in the world.

Questions and clarification

What am I offering?
I am offering a small area of land for like-minded people to build their own tiny home or small prefabricated home on my land for free and an opportunity to share in my infrastructure resources.

What does like-minded people mean?
Ideally people of Canadian or American origin.  People who are hard-working and who want to be as self-sufficient as possible.

Are you selling or leasing the land for people to build a house on?
No, I have worked too hard and gone through too much hell to get my land.  You will be free to build a tiny house or prefab house on my land but not at my financial expense.  I will explain “why free” momentarily.

Why a tiny house?
This is Belize, not Canada or the USA.  Large homes are not necessary here.  In Belize life is lived outside and not inside.  By building a tiny house or a small prefabricated house the house can be built in such a way that if you choose to move someday or buy land elsewhere for yourself you can easily dismantle and move your house.  I am not looking for a situation in which someone feels like they have no options for the future.

My main chicken coop (right) with two hen house coops (left)

Three hen house coops, a feed box and hen house

I call it Chicken City. I would also like to raise meat rabbits and soldier fly larvas in this city.

Why for free?
As soon as money enters the agreement, lawyers and the government get involved and then I will have obligations that I have no interest in having.  I see the true value of this offer in the building of small community, cooperation and security.  I will discuss security in more detail shortly.

Expand on the value you see in this for yourself and what are your ulterior motives.  What do you get out of this?
It is my hope to attract like-minded individuals who have a similar vision.  People interested in sharing “some” resources in developing a self-sufficient farm life.  For example, I have built multiple chicken coops to raise more than enough chickens for meat and eggs but I barely have the time to maintain all of that.  Another example.  I have built a 1,000 square ft shade cloth greenhouse.  The plan was to start aquaponics and hydroponics.  I simply don’t have the time to pursue this plan.  Between the greenhouse and chicken coops the farm could be almost 100% self-sufficient.  And it would be a great opportunity to start a small business.  Security is also important in Belize.  If you moved to Belize, what security would you have by yourself?  And what if there was a family emergency and you were called back to Canada or the USA temporarily?  Currently I have no security or freedom to travel.  In a sense I am actually trapped in paradise.

Security expanded on.  At least a few times a year, expats are targeted in their homes in Belize for home robbery.  That robbery typically ends in murder.  Security is secured in community.  While I don’t live in any such fear for myself I see the value in this form of security.

*The greenhouse is not fully completed.  The last main part among some smaller jobs is to purchase the shade cloth that would cover the greenhouse.

Why would I be interested in this opportunity?
Unless you are independently wealthy, Belize is not as cheap as you think or the land of opportunity.  Many a North American has come here spent $100,000’s of dollars on a dream and returned home with nothing to show.  For others, the dream is out of reach because life is not cheap here.  This is the jungle and extremely challenging.  This is an opportunity to live in the jungle and not spend $ 100,000’s of dollars and also be part of a community that provides support to each other.

The shade greenhouse with a front entrance work room & future tiny apartment or storage shed in the back. The floor is made with approx 1,000 patio stones that I made with hand (with molds) and laid by myself over a recent 5 month period.

*No shade cloth yet. The wooden tower in the photo is meant to be a water tower. Water vat yet to be purchased.

Is there any business opportunity?
Besides the opportunity the greenhouse can provide I feel like if someone is interested in a tourist attraction that involves private cabanas, there is definitely an opportunity.  Even cooler would be some sort of environmental endeavor or scientific research station.  My goal and dream had always been to raise tens of thousands of mahogany tree seedling trees for reforestation of rainforest and jungle.  Because of my recent disillusion with the country, I have no interest in spearheading any initiatives but I am happy to be a part of them.

Who would be an ideal candidate for this opportunity?  What skills would be helpful?
A hard worker for sure.  Someone with building and electrical skills and someone who can repair small engines and motors would be a major bonus.  I am not mechanically inclined.  I have no vehicle and have no plans for a vehicle.  If you are planning on having one it would be smart if you knew how to repair it.  A green thumb would be very helpful for the greenhouse.  I can’t seem to have any luck with growing fruits or vegetables (except for fruit trees).

I very much keep to myself in the village but I recognize the importance of community outreach.  Someone interested in community outreach would be very welcome.

My two fish pond #1 & #2
Each approx 300ft x 50ft x10ft

What would not be helpful?
Someone with a drug and alcohol problem.  My reputation in the village is important to me in the sense that I have no interest in being the center of any gossip or anyone ever complaining about me in regard to disruptive behavior.  If you are a difficult loud person with a temper please don’t reach out.

What if I want to move or go back to Canada or America?  What happens to my house?
That’s completely up to you.  Part of the idea behind this initiative is that you haven’t invested your life savings into it.  Ultimately the house is 100% yours.  Depending on how you built your house you can dismantle it for moving it if you sell it or if you decide to buy your own land someday or want to sell the house to someone to live on the farm.  If a buyer is found; as long as they are a good fit with the community, they are welcome.

The Belize River from my river bank.

How many people are invited?
Not sure.  There is only so much land and a yet-to-be-determined balance needs to be found as the community grows.

How will community decisions be made?
In community.  As long as things are kept relatively quiet, clean and maintained I am a pretty easy going guy.  Treat others with the same respect you would want.  In the beginning, it’s safe to say certain things need to be figured out but we are not in a race to reach the moon.  We are just trying to live self-sufficiently in the jungle.

Outdoor fire hearth for making coconut oil or facilitate chicken slaughter & preparations

I call it a watermelon greenhouse. I built specifically to grow watermelons except my thumb is brown and not green.

I don’t know.  It all sounds pretty scammy to me.
Check out my website and social media content.  If you still interpret this and me as scammy then so be it.

OK, I am interested.  Now what?
Undoubtedly you have more questions.  Please ask away.  At some point, you will want to visit the farm.  You are welcome to visit and stay as long as you like.  You can stay with me.  I have a private bedroom for two with a shared bathroom and kitchen.  I cannot provide any transportation and you would be responsible for your own food and cooking.

Tell me more about yourself.
You are reading all this via my website.  Check out my Home Page and website content for a sense of who I am and my life.  But for some quick insight – Christian, introverted, passionate, risk taker, socially awkward, a thinker, adventure seeker, organized, a farmer, lover of beauty, mindful, complicated, reptile and amphibian lover, freedom first, unorthodoxed, despises stupidity, podcast lover, accountable, poet, generally misunderstood, tree lover, probably foolish, minimalist, conscious, entrepreneurial, impatient, hard worker, blogger, single, old fashioned, ex-truck driver, cheap Dutchman, stubborn, loyal, serious personality, goal-oriented, cyclist, lazy, romantic, fussy eater, photographer, unbalanced lifestyle, neat freak and has many failures and regrets in life. I am not politically correct or support any of the far left agenda and you should know that Belize does not support that either (at this point).


What is your motive for living in Belize?
From my first moment of arriving in Belize, I was in love and instantly felt “home.”  I love the adventure of living life in the jungle and all its challenges.  For me Belize a little bit feels like the “wild west.”  But mostly I love the nature.

What do you do for a “living”?
From November 2019 to November 2021, I biked 26,000 km’s across Canada and through the US and Mexico through a Canadian winter and Covid-19 to get here. After arriving here, it was an 18 month battle to get my internet connection.  I am in the very early stages of pursuing a career as a life coach.  Therefore, I have been unemployed for the last 4 years.  Except for the house I built the greenhouse, chicken coops, outside kitchen and tiny apartment and planted over 600 fruit trees while I waited for my internet connection.  I now need to focus on my new career path for financial stability leaving me with even less time to maintain the farm.  I was a long-haul truck driver for 6.5 years prior to my bike ride.

A huge victory after 18 months of trying. My own internet tower & connection.

List of Assets I bring to the table

  • 42 acres of land. Including 2 acres the main house and structures are located.  This piece of land has approx. 250 ft of Belize River frontage.  The 42 acres is further divided into a 1- 10 acre and 1- 30 acre parcel.  Much of the land is regrown jungle subject to possible flooding during the rainy season.  The 10 acre piece has approx. 3 acres cleared for approx. 400 young coconut trees of various growths and approx. 400 assorted fruit tree seedlings (mostly soursop, lemon, lime, starfruit, cashew, asst citrus).  The 30 acre piece has approx. 2 acres cleared with 2 large 300 ft x 50ft x 10ft deep fish ponds, and 40ish mature coconut trees and close to 200 assorted fruit tree seedlings (jackfruit, lime, pomegranate, custard apple). See map at the bottom of the post.
  • Buildings – 700 sq ft finished house that can potentially sleep 8 people. 1,000 sq ft shade cloth greenhouse (shade cloth not purchased yet). 100 sq ft unfinished tiny apartment. A 60 ft tall internet tower and signal. Five chicken coops and pens.  An outdoor kitchen.  All structures are maintained in excellent shape.
  • Location: in Scotland Halfmoon Village (beside Bermudian Landing) in the middle of the Community Baboon Sanctuary. Home to most all of Belize’s wildlife.  Grocery store, feed store, lumber store & gas station all about 6 km’s away.  Less than 40 km’s from Belize City and Philip SW Goldson Int Airport.

My house


  • I have no motorized vehicles and the farm is located at the end of a 2-3 km rough dirt road but has recently received some repairs.

The road can be a little fun in the rainy season


  • Free land to settle and build your own tiny or prefab house
  • Use of 1,000 sq ft greenhouse (aquaponics & hydroponic opportunities). Self-sufficiency
  • To possibly build a tourist cabana resort next to the Belize River

*The apartment located in the greenhouse is unfinished at this time and will remain unfinished until a good enough reason to finish it comes around. Completion wouldn’t take that long.  It can also easily become a work shed instead.

Messenger @ Arie Hoogerbrugge

WhatsApp @ 638-7418 (Country code 501)

Email: arie@safariarie.ca

Serious inquiries only please

The 2 yellow boxes to the left (not to the right) are my house lot(s).

The aqua colored rectangle to the far right is the 30 acre parcel with 2 fish ponds visible as the 2 dark lines inside the aqua rectangle on the left side. Except for the area around the ponds the land is all jungle.

The mauve middle rectangle is the 10 acre parcel and where I propose that I would let people have a small home.
The home(s) would be put in the bottom left area of the mauve box along the road.
Only the land to the left side of the mauve box is cleared. The rest is all jungle.

Image shows Belize River to the left.

To clarify: my land encompasses the 2 far left yellow boxes, the center bottom mauve box and far aqua rectangle.  Any other land is owned by someone else.


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