Perhaps Arguable, Perhaps Offensive or Perhaps Motivating

The look of disbelieve that escape people’s faces when I confess that I neither like the cold or winter.  Would you believe I actually have a pretty big dislike for the cold and winter.  I do not ski or skate or participate in any kind of winter sports at all.

So how the heck does someone with my dislike for winter find themselves biking across the country of Canada during winter.  The answer is actually pretty simple.  The answer is “belief.”  Belief in the philosophy that an epic life cannot be found within your comfort zone.

Few of us will find ourselves as Frodo in Lord of the Rings happily living our lives out and then one day simply thrown into this epic life of danger and adventure.  It happens, but not often.  We must simply come to realize that an epic life does not happen in our comfort zone.  We must therefore dream, meditate, pray and be inspired to do something great and after we have been inspired or come up with whatever “that” might be we need to “times” it by 10 or 50 times.

Life to the fullest does not happen in the work office or in the living room or even during our 30 minute weekly walk to the park. Epic dreams and goals that are actually acted upon have the power to change our lives forever for the better.  As I just stated: this does not usually happen in the work office or the living room.

The second part of who I am that finds me biking during a Canadian winter that “my word” is important to me.  Many people speak without giving any thought to what they say.  They will say anything in the moment and within seconds contradict their own convictions or beliefs.

I came up with a goal and challenge that was very much out of my comfort zone and then I proclaimed it to the world.  For me my word is my bond.

So what I believe to be two of the most important aspects of doing great or epic things is the realization and belief that “epic” does not happen in our comfort zone and secondly having a conviction of and for your words by proclaiming your goal to the world and following through.

To quickly address a few societal norms

1) I will start living after I retire.  I am not saying that is impossible and has never happened but I have yet to be impressed with or inspired by anyone who’s goal was to start living after they retired.

2) The people that play the lottery as their hope for living and freedom.  Once again I never met anyone who wasted money on lottery that I was ever impressed with or inspired by.  Not saying that person is not out there; I just never met them.  And for those that say that you can’t win if you don’t play.  I promise you the moment you handed over your hard earned money to the lottery you already lost.

3) The “someday” people.  Please people, I don’t think you are even fooling the foolish.  Someday never happens and it never will.  Someday is not word based on conviction or belief.  If you never use the word “someday” ever again you are at least 1000 times ahead in life.

Post Disclaimer: This post is not the secret to happiness or contentment.  For there are many many happy and content people that live the simplest of lives.  Happy with the simplest of lives is a beautiful gift for God.  And there is a lot of people that appear to be living an epic life that are not content.  If you are already happy and pleased with your life choices than I apologize for wasting your time.  That being said taking a moment of reflection can never hurt as we are the simplest fools to fool.

When you say that you are inspired.  What does that actually mean to you?

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