It has been barely 2 weeks since I posted some of my favorite Facebook comments and here I am already needing to post another post of some of my most favorite comments.  I want to thank everyone who reaches out.  It means a lot to me.  I do my very best to never let any comments get past me.

Also a special thank you to those who reach out personally through Messenger (as I don’t post private messages).  Thanks everyone for your support!

My hosts since my last appreciate post

Kim Hillier – Kim gave me a warm bed in Great Village.  That day was -28C wind chill or colder.  Blowing snow turned into pretty crazy storm that night.

Tabitha Hardy – Tabitha gave me a warm bed for 2 nights in Truro.  I also got to meet her aunt Christine Gulliver-Gamble and her uncle.

Marcel Capp & Sharon Redden – Sharon reached out to me from Newport Corners.  It was nice to spend a night in doors after a particularly cold night in the tent the night before.

Dale Spence – Dale is a super fan of mine and  I spent 2 evenings with him in Halifax.  It was great to finally meet.  With Dale we met Marian Girroir who gave me the coolest hat off her head.

Hugo & Vera Ford – I enjoyed an evening with this couple in Halifax and the next morning we went to the farmers market in Halifax.

Robinson Lea Meyers – Robinson gave me 3 nights in an empty house apartment allowing me to get a few things done around Halifax.  We finally connected an hour before I headed back out on the road.

Lloyd & Arlene Nauss – I enjoyed a really cool night in their 200 year home.  One of my favorite homes to sleep in so far.

Mike Samson & Monique Gaudet – I enjoyed 3 nights with these amazing people.  Our time together was pretty amazing.  On the Saturday we did a bit of a road trip around the local area.

My Favorite Facebook Posts

Kelly Arsenault Richard – I love to see how everyone wants to get in on the “Arie action!!”  Please continue to open your homes to him.  You will be so happy you did!

Christine Gulliver-Gamble – You are a beautiful person.  It was a pleasure meeting you.

Bernard Campbell – Wow!  That’s awesome.  I am loving every post I see of his journey.  Thanks to you all who are so generous & kind to give this amazing man a warm house and comfy warm bed at nights.  God bless you all.

Blair Bernard – You are an amazing person hopefully he’ll have more people like “you” on his journey.  May God bless all the people that follow him and the people that open their door to an awesome young man.  Good luck on your journey!

Johannes Hoogerbrugge – Arie, the response you are receiving from so many people is a testimony to the inspiration and encouragement you are giving them.

Robinson Lea Meyers – This ride is a great reminder to me that there is so much kindness out there!  What if we focused more on that!  Wow what a world it would be.

Steve Lapierre – This guy is great…a little crazy but great…share this [post] peeps so that we can help him succeed in his venture.

Richard Arlen – People are hiding in the woods to get a glimpse of you riding by.  Safe travels.  Will hook up once you get closer to Montreal.

Bernard Campbell – Wow! You have the most amazing story ever.  Right down to the generosity & Kind hearted maritimers.   I check my Facebook all the time to just check into your amazing journey and hear the amazing kind hearted stories.  You so deserve it buddy.  I am praying it keeps continuing.  Hope you stay warm.  God bless you & everyone following your journey.

Christine Gulliver-Gamble – So exciting, you are sooooo loved.  Canada is the best.

Coralee Walfield – I have something interesting to follow on Facebook now.  The journey you are on is awesome.  Love seeing all your pics and reading your story’s along the way.

Brent Warren – You’re a true inspiration and a breath of fresh air.

Erin Murphy – Love your adventures.

Patrick Whiddon – It is always wonderful to see people support, encourage and contribute to others.  A great example of the benefits of giving!

Robinson Lea Meyers – So this is Arie Hoogerbrugge and he is biking across Canada!

His journey so far has brought him from Newfoundland to PEI through Apple River and Advocate Harbour, the beautiful yet isolated part of Cumberland County where my family is from.  Such a small world.

My lovely cousin hosted him for a night in Parrsboro and I thought what a great idea! We happened to have a unit available for the same days he would be in Halifax and of course, we offered him a place to unwind and relax during his trip to the city.

We connected on his last day for a visit and had a wonderful chat about his journey and the outpouring of kindness he has experienced in his travels through the Maritimes.

You know, we are all really on our own journey but if we are open to it our journeys criss cross, we inspire one another and hopefully we experience more positive human interactions than negative.

While hate and love, judgement and kindness are contagious — do your best to spread more love and kindness than the latter.

If any of my peeps in Fredericton, Ontario and all the way out west want to follow and/support his journey, I would encourage you to do so.

Kindness. Sprinkle that shit everywhere.

Kinzang Wangdi – There is no end to kind people in your part of the world.  God bless.

Perry Stone – If the rest of the world treats you like Atlantic Canada you have an extremely wild ride ahead!  It’s great for you and reassuring to me how nice Canadians are!

Monique Gaudet – What a pleasure and a privilege to host Arie, such a humble, gracious adventurer.  The world can become a smaller place if you let it.

I’ve been following his adventure since early December, and the stars aligned, our paths crossed and the opportunity to meet and host this fella has been a gift.

Heather Lynn – Oh my!! You are a hero for sure Arie.  I love watching your journey.  It is a amazing!

Elliot James – In complete surrender is where we find freedom.  In weakness is the door to strength.  Pedal pondering my friend.

Edward O’Reilly – Every photo of you cycling is inspiring.

Eleanor Garrett – keep happy and safe on the road Arie you are my gypsy legs now that I am stationary with neuropathy.

Once again guys.  Thank you!!

Another Appreciation Post

And Another Appreciation Post

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