Hey guys, it’s that time again!  I love sharing some of favourite Facebook comments.  It has been less than a month since I wrote my last appreciation post.  I can barely keep up with them.  This is why I love Atlantic Canada and have added so many extra kilometers to my Atlantic Canada route.

First I would like to acknowledge some pretty amazing people that have hosted me since my last appreciation post.

Brenda Doucette and Michelle Summeren Montemurro – Brenda is the niece to Irene MacIsaac that hosted me in Charlottetown (see last appreciation post).  Brenda gave me a tour of her brothers cool home and that catholic church in Tignish PEI where they live.   Michelle explained about the lobster industry at this end of the island.

Craig Costain and Carla Kelly – Craig read my CBC article about me and my ride.  He recognized me instantly on the road and waved me up his driveway.  I had a great time and met some great people.

David and Heather Voortman & family – I spent 2 days with my cousin who moved to the island only about 13 months earlier.  I learned how to and milked a cow for the first time.

Kelly Richard – Kelly reached out to me and asked if I would stop by the PEI Information Center to say hi.  Long story short I ended up parking my bike at the Information Center for the night to get a warm bed that night.  I just couldn’t seem to leave the island.

Rob and Tara Trembley (who I met at Craig Costain’s place) picked me up in Aulac NB and brought me to James and Amanda Campbell’s place in Amherst NS.  Amanda is Rob’s sister.  All this happened in the middle of a pretty big snow storm so it was amazing and awesome to get out of the elements and dry everything off.

Stephanie Morris – Stephanie gave me a warm place to sleep in Advocate after 2 particularly hard physical days on the road.

Nick and Tammy Bennett – Tammy reached out to me when they were forecasting for a snow storm that was expected in Nova Scotia.

Some of my favorite Facebook Comments

Teddy Ubber – Keep it up Arie.  I know your inspiring me to get out for another amazing trip and I’m sure many others too.  Prayers for your continued safety and enjoyment.

Susan Stewart – Arie we all appreciate YOU for taking us along on your journey….May you always be safe

Sarah Ia Rose – Following your blog, discovered it today and have read it all.  What you are doing is amazing and will help me get back on my bike.  Way to go, wishing you every good thing on your adventure.

Richard Roussy – Dude! You are helping me overcome my disgust of snowy conditions and I have been getting out riding a bit more this winter.  Thanks for the perspective adjustments!

Brian Peric – Bon voyage and safe travels!  Thanks for giving us armchair adventures and some inspiration.

Rob Conrad – The great thing about your travels isn’t just the positive goals you will accomplish – it’s the gracious people you meet everyday – you remind us in a crazy world, life can be good.

Nikki Dee – Safari Arie you rock..like seriously rock!! Truly what you are doing is awesome!!  I’d love to know more about your intentions and motivation to start and complete such a feat…a personal journey or one with awareness for a cause…either way it’s truly amazing what you’ve set out to do!!  You will be in my thoughts and prayers.  Wishing you health and happiness!!

Egon Reske – Going up some of the hills will build character, tree trunk thighs, balloon lungs and a great hunger for banana splits!

Rob Redford – Following you with a growing respect.

Glen McClure – Great accomplishments and keen focus.  All the best and hope to meet you in LA.  Health & safe riding.

Douglas Eberhart – Please keep up your great posts.  You have thousands watching in many countries.  I have gotten calls from 3 countries worth of people asking if they have seen the Arie posts.

Jen McClure – My adventure taught me “my time is MINE and no one else can know what is right for me except me.”  Your adventure is yours – 185lbs of gear or 5lbs.  Ride strong!!

Malcolm Keating – Well done Arie you are a tough nut and living the dream in arduous conditions.  Great photos and insight into some parts of Canada not often mentioned, pedal on.

Dallas Justinger – We’re all with you…always glad to see the next update.

Alexandre Gagnaire – I love the blog, articles are not too long, not to short and well written!  Thanks for sharing the adventure.

Cynthia Voortman – I think you’re giving us all great hope for humanity in your travels with these beautiful people.

Kevin Baum – Dude, you will need to write a book about this trip afterwards.  I’ve read a lot of books about people and their adventures while hiking the Appalachian Trail and there is no way they were this exciting.  Take notes along the way.  Next question: Who will play you in the movie?

Gabby Ingram posted in Positive Parrsboro – This guy is on his way to Parrsboro and may be hunkering down here until the storm (forecast for Thursday) passes.  We’ll be keeping an eye out for him and I’m sure so will everyone else in this town.

Cynthia Voortman – I’m impressed with your resilience, grit and delight in kind humans.  This will be transformative.  Can’t wait to hear the greatest takeaways.  Thanks for bringing us all with you on this amazing journey!!

Len Gregoire – This is so awesome!  Big thanks to Stephanie!  East coasters should run the country!  Maybe even the world!

Douglas Eberhart – Do you know just how poplar you are??  I know 2 attorneys in Odessa TX that watch your posts.  One of them says you need to write a coffee table book.

I have also had dozens and dozens of people reach out to my privately through Messenger.  I don’t publish those comments as Messenger is not public for everyone to see.

I should also mention it seems everywhere I go now people have read about or seen a photo of me on Facebook.  Crazy!!

All your comments mean so much to me and I make every effort to make sure I read and at least acknowledge them all.  My sincerest apologies if I have ever missed your comments.

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