Supporter and appreciation post #2.

I have been so busy the last weeks with final preparations that I am so far behind in any recent blogs  I am 5 days away from my ride but I thought I would get a thank you to all the people that have reached out and commented and liked Facebook posts over the last few weeks.  Hundreds of comments and 1000’s of Facebook Likes.   They have been totally appreciated.  And all of the new people that have started following me on my various social media channels.  Thank you so much to all of you.

I have made a serious effort to respond and acknowledge everyone who has taken time to message and reach out.  On a small chance that I did miss.  I apologize.

I would love to share some of my favorite comments.  Some of my favorite comments and supporters are:

Jeannine MacIsaac
Such great reading…I look forward to your adventure and will live it though you!!

Michael Kenney
You are a trooper and a madman! Good luck and I hope God blesses you and keeps you well!

Perry Stone
Embrace it, it will test you like you can never imagine right now. Own it and never, ever, even consider quitting. If you even think about it, you are wasting energy. You will be forced to sit idle or move very, very slowly sometimes, but that’s okay, just keep moving towards the horizon.

Pankaj Mall
Go man.  Go be safe and may you touch lots of people and transform yours to

Greetings from Australia, wishing you the best mate.  Keep us updated on your crazy and epic adventure

Gerry Burgess
I love what you are doing.  Hits home for me!! Adventure is in us all but only a select few make it happen…good luck my friend

Alexandre Gagnaire
Just subscribed to your newsletter, love the graphic and I had a quick overview of the text [website]….it seems I will follow this journey daily

Philip Kilmurray
Best of luck in your adventure.  The best advice I was given when I rode a year in North America…”Just remember, the biggest hills are in your mind.”  Wishing you Godspeed and tailwinds.

Shane Burick
Hey Arie.  Hope all is well.  You inspired me to start cycling again…

Dave Wodchis
What I always say about bicycle touring: “It’s the best times and the worst times; but the best are better than any other.  You earned them.  You find yourself in a place very often that nobody else in the whole world will ever be.  It is your place and yours alone.  And even better, your windows are always rolled down.”

Mark Anderson
Mate just found your feed.  Epic, follow your dreams and face your fears.  Let the legs take you and your mind push you.  And more importantly when times are hard put a smile on and tell the hard times to fuck off!!  Smash and look forward to following your dream

Perry Stone
Be safe and eat those miles, one by one, you will get stronger, your ambition will grow as will your confidence and humility.  This is a life changing event.  Good on you!

Tom Barbitta
I will be following you.  I have complete confidence in your purpose and passion, and like many followers “I wish it was me.”  Godspeed

Marty (website comment)
Arie, you go for it.  Show them that it can be done.  Then when you nail down your Andes trip, it will be a slam dunk.  Congrats ahead of time.

Bob Higgins
Envious and excited to follow your journey and lessons learned along the way.  Stay safe, and don’t be afraid to shift gears/lighten up when it doesn’t endanger your cold weather safety!

Gail Hokenstad
That you share with others how you feel is a gift, never stop, never give up

Donnie Harvey
Above all have fun with your adventure your way

Faisal Maqbool
All the very best and safe travels.  I just went through your blog and followed your Facebook page and Instagram for further updates.  Your write up on winter camping and biking is very useful.  I might be moving to Canada next year and have tentative plans for such an adventure sometime in the future.  Your travels will definitely prove to be an excellent source of guidance and inspiration. Good luck

I have also had many people reach out through Messenger and email

Bret Irvine
Jeannette Gagne
Lindley G
Jorg Schlagheck
Robert Fichtner
Carl Shuba
Greg Andre-Barrett
Fred Bouwman
Phil Gittus
John Matthews
Stan Majcherkiewicz
Greg Lacroix
John Leung
Chris Conk
Brad Brown
Kane Merino

Thanks again for all the amazing support and encouragement!

Arie Hoogerbrugge

I Appreciate You

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