It’s that time again.  A huge shout out and thank you to everyone who has reached out since my bike ride officially started.  Now that my ride has started.  Along with my favorite and meaningful comments I now get to thank the people that have given me a place to sleep for the night out of the cold.

I have had the pleasure and honor to be hosted by some amazing, interesting and kind people in such quick short time in this journey.

Eddy’s Restaurant and Hotel in South Brook Newfoundland
I received a complimentary night at this hotel.  My first night in a bed and shower since  I had left St John’s NL.  I can’t describe how amazing it felt to receive this gift.

Sean R.
A veteran of the British and Canadian Military.  A true warrior.  We spent hours in conversation and I often reflect on our chance meeting and deep conversations.  Sean happened to see my reflective vest while setting up camp from the TransCanada Highway in Newfoundland during a snow storm and gave me a warm bed to sleep in for 2 nights.

John & Bea Pike
Friends of the family.  I got to spend 3 nights here in Englishtown Nova Scotia right off the Newfoundland ferry.  I was productive and had a time of much needed relaxation.  John helped with customizing a rear post to help position my rear bike light in a better position and cut my bike lock cable in half to help lose some weight.

Cheryl and Dennis Dell
I showed up only 2 hours after they got home for an adventure trip in Columbia.  I spent 2 evenings here and was able to get a lot of work done in a very relaxing atmosphere.  Sometimes a relaxing atmosphere is exactly what is needed .

Mattieu Fraser of Highland Bike Shop
Matt hosted me for 2 nights while caring for  a young family and a busy work schedule.  Matt helped me with some much needed winter boots, a steer tube extender for my bike to alleviate neck pains and a free bike tune-up.  I have a tremendous amount of respect for Matt.

Alasdair Vietch
Alasdair hosted me for a night in New Glasgow NS.  Alasdair was a wildlife biologist for 30 some odd years and fascinated me with tales of past career.  Alasdair is one of my biggest supporters  from the beginning and it was amazing to meet him.

Irene MacIsaac
This amazing woman gave me a place to sleep in Charlottetown as I was about to set up camp in Victoria Park in -15 degree wind chill.  I ended up spending 2 nights at this wonderful woman’s home.  Irene even gave me an hour and half car tour around Charlottetown to explain some of the history of this amazing city.

It is difficult to put into words what it has meant to me that these people have opened their homes to me.  I will reflect and cherish these times for years to come.  Thank you so much!

And of course I have received some amazing comments on Facebook.  Some of my recent favorites are

Glen McClure – You inspire me to ride more often and farther distances.

Peter Carter – You are starting your wonderful journey at a beautiful place that will bring you nothing but good luck…God Speed!!!

James Conlon – You will get stronger every day, it won’t take weeks.  Do give yourself some good rest and try not to overdo it.  Loved this first update, keep them coming.

Teddy Ubber – Your one of the baddest people I know just for attempting this.  I thought I was tough going from Cleveland Ohio to Florida in the summer.  Prayers brother.  Your giving me inspiration again.

Tom Barbitta – If I can offer you any advice it would be to avoid the urgency, avoid feeling slave to satisfying the tyranny of social media/FB/blogging you do.  We will follow regularly and regardless.  It is important for a journey such as the one you are on to connect with the inner Arie, this is your book, not ours…find your rhythm and you’ll find the inner peace you seek and in this solitude you’ll find real joy….Cheers.

Leonn Marshall – Early days matey…you’ll be into the swing of it in no time…keep it up, we are rooting for you..with you for every pedal.

Brian English – I have enjoyed reading your bio – what a guy & what an adventure ahead!  Hats off to you buddy – much respect and happy days ahead!

Barley Smidgen – Behind you all the way Arie…best wishes for success young  man!  So much respect for you!

Alasdair Veitch – Wow – I learned a good bit in those posts Arie.  Good job on the writing!  Newfoundland is tough enough in summer – in early winter she’s right wicked, eh b’y?!  I really look forward to following your journey dude!

Glen McClure – Arie, you have inspired me to take that 1,000 mile plus ride.  Portland to LA – spring 2020.  My longest ever ride was 101 miles so up the ante!  Thanx, safe travels – see you in Los Angeles.

Marcy Arkell – Arie you grandfather John V. is very proud of you.  Keep it up!

Brian Reynolds – That’s the way to do it..don’t think too much…hit the road…don’t look back.

Chase Gouin – Good luck on your epic bike ride from Canada to South America…you inspire me to become a better rider.

Tom Baritta – Think of the strength you’ve gained in the last few weeks…real fortitude and faith in yourself and others you’ve met early on…

Ron Major – Thank you for sharing your journey.  Your journey is truly inspiring.

Arie de Reus – In Dutch to tease you: Ik vind je avontuur echt heel bijzonder en hoop dat hetje brengt wat je er van verwacht Arie

Paul Fowler – Thanks for your honest chat and great pictures.  Do not be intimidated by what others have done.  Each journey is an individual adventure.  Each day will bring new experiences.  The best way to train for your journey is to start on it.  Your legs will improve.  Break up your daily mileage into small segments, even looking ahead of you to see a road sign, a crossroad, a tree to pass.  I found this especially useful on hills.  I rode to a point and moved on.  Do not be afraid to walk up a hill.  It can be easier then struggling in bottom gear.  Enjoy each day.

Thanks so much to all those who reach out to me.  I make every effort to acknowledge or respond to every and all comments.

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