I am not sure how exciting this post will be for most people as I am not pedalling anywhere.  So I guess mostly this post is for my own documentation purposes.  At the time of writing this I have been in Kingston 21 days – 3 weeks.  This is the longest I have been in one place since I got my AZ truck driving license in early 2012.  It took a few days for reality to sink in that I was going to be stuck here for an extended period of time.

I did a Facebook Live video on March 27 that a close supporter privately ended up giving me flack over because of my “poor me” attitude.  There was truth to what he had to say and it woke me up to being more positive and motivated me to get off my ass and get somethings done.

So productive that I was able to work on or accomplish the following:

  • I got myself on the OhioRAAM show
  • Front page of the Whig Standard Kingston newspaper
  • 2019 income tax submitted to the accountant
  • We released our first 1 hour full length documentary film on YouTube
  • Completed my Support page for my website. Something that was on the back burner from the very beginning.  Part of the Support page included setting up and completing my Patron Page, a Passion Projects fundraiser page and my Print On Demand t-shirt line page.
  • I connected with a few of my followers/supporters via video chat.
  • Paul Kennedy AKA The Dyslexic Artist did a special YouTube video for his channel of me
  • A 6-page sponsorship proposal
  • At the suggestion of another close follower it was suggested that I have a 2nd person involved with my videos. So with the help of my YouTube producer we just finished the first recording of The Safari Arie Road Show
  • In the interest of improving my writing skills I am reading and following some exercises found in Wild Minds, Living The Writers Life book
  • Plus all the usual stuff I do with my website and content
  • My Bike Tour Adventures podcast was just released

It was over 2½ weeks before I left my computer to even take a walk outdoors.  Admittedly I feel a little burned out and am going to try to slow down a bit.

On one side I am anxious about the future and how long before I can resume this bike ride.  Something tells me that I will be biking through another Canadian winter.  On another side I am anxious about the very best way to spend my time.  Everything about this ride has gone so perfectly; I do not want to screw it up now.

The unknowns worry me like they worry everyone around the world.  How blessed am I to be in the middle of a virus pandemic with a roof over my head and simply waiting for a green light to move forward with my bike ride?  And as productive as I have been, have I used my time wisely and am I making the right decisions?

My first creative writing exercise

My second creative writing exercise

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