I have no idea if it’s serendipity or foolish folly.  The randomness of meeting and connecting with Luis Vazquez originally of Mexico City currently residing in Creel for the past 30 years.  A musician, jewelry maker and aspiring bike tourer who just happened to see me pass and waved me down.  Our meeting would lead to an evening of late night conversations which would lead to an offer of hosting which would lead to a request to be taught how to make jewelry of my own.

Make jewelry of my own?  But I don’t even wear jewelry nor would I ever buy jewelry.  Admittedly though I have been somewhat intrigued by jewelry makers as a business or entrepreneurial endeavor for some time.  Staying and being hosted by Luis and his wife Ana and having an opportunity to see how small Luis’s little work shop is and to hear how he has been able to make a living and support his family while working at his little desk and that he can pick up and travel anywhere in the world and continue to support his family making and selling his jewelry anywhere he arrives.  This sounds to good to be true but also sounds intriguing.  Luis has 30 years experience making and selling jewelry but also admits that the basics are not difficult to grasp in fact he is confident that in 10 short days anyone can grasp the basics and from there it’s up to you.

A gift from Luis – snake skin stone

I am intrigued and me and Luis and Ana (also a jewelry maker) have made a connection.  Luis has taught a few people in the past with good success but admits that he is no teacher.  And because he has no jewelry school his quote to spend 10 days teaching me the basics is very reasonable and fair especially considering I will be living under his roof for another 10 days.  And after 30 years experience it is safe to say that Luis is a master at his craft.

As I mentioned earlier.  I don’t even wear jewelry nor would I ever buy jewellery, surly this is a waste of my time and money.  I need to make an infamous pros and cons list.


  • This is another distraction in a lifetime of being distracted from my true mission or what’s actually important to me. It only took me 9 years to finally start this bike ride.
  • There is an investment of time. Initially 10 more days in Creel when I should be focused on moving south.
  • There is an investment of money. The course is not free and supplies and tools will need to be purchased.
  • Will I have the patience? It takes time to get good at anything.  I haven’t even learned how to speak Spanish yet.
  • It’s not exactly a hell yeah! Which means it should probably be a no.
  • I am already too busy just keeping my blog up to date. But it’s not like my blog makes me any money or pays any bills.
  • Someday there could be some real challenges selling my product in and from Belize.
  • This kind of business could really put a robbery target on me in Belize.


  • From a business perspective the financial, time and space investment into this type of business would be considered very low entry.
  • I would be learning a new business and a new skill and trade.
  • Learning this new skill and trade becomes another source of content for my bike ride and becomes part of Mexican story and experience for this part of my bike ride.
  • A potential source of income during my bike ride.
  • I can take this business and manufacture and sell jewellery anywhere in the world.
  • A potential source of full time income that would allow me to live in Belize after this bike ride is over. At this point I have no reason to believe that I will be able to afford live in Belize after this bike ride.
  • I could potentially connect jewelry to how I am going to raise money for tree planting. My source of cash flow.
  • An easy low entry form of self employment that allows me to never have to work for anyone ever again if all else fails.
  • I can feed my addiction of watching tv will I make or preform the more boring aspects of jewelry manufacture.
  • It’s not the end of the world if I don’t purse this afterwards.

Luis largely pays his shares of the bills with this little table

A potential vision for jewelry making

Because of the low entry of investment of cash, time and space I could potentially create a business in Belize where I have people make the jewelry for me on my farm and where every aspect is created and manufactured in Belize.  A line of pendants for example would be designed and we build our own molds on the farm.  Similar to 4ocean’s bracelets our jewelry could be used to finance my dreams of a tree farm raising seedling trees for reforestation.  A line of pendants (among other pieces of jewelry) could easily be designed for nature lovers and cyclists targeted to my existing audience.  Every aspect of the manufacturing would be done in Belize so we can say “100% made in Belize.”

So, what do I do?

I feel my cons are legitimate and should considered carefully.  But when I look at my pros, I feel they basically cross all my cons out and I have nothing to lose.  An opportunity has provided its self with virtually no downside in the grand picture of things so I guess it’s a hell yeah!

How I plan to save the planet

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