October 30
Km’s Pedalled – 14 km’s

Destination – Just outside Hoh Rain Forest

Some Notes – It rained most of the whole night.  The sun actually came out today which is so unbelievable!  With sun out and the trees with basically no leaves it made for the most amazing photos in the rain forest.   Today I ended up taking some of the best photos of my whole ride so far.

Hoh Rain Forest

There were 2 main trails. Not overly long but absolutely amazing. I took at least 300 photos plus video.

All My batteries are getting dangerously low.  Because the trails weren’t so long I spent a few hours charging my packs and editing photos at the information center.  I met a parks ranger that was transferring to Death Valley later in November.  I simply make note of that in the off chance I will see him there in many many months.

Hoh Rain Forest

I continue to meet lots of people curious about the bike ride.

I only biked a few km’s outside the park and am camped right beside Hoh River.  It is probably the best camping spot I will get in Washington and not pay for.

Hoh Rain Forest

Today was an all-round good day.  They are calling for 2 days of sun. Hopefully this solar system works good.

The tent has been wet for a few days now; every night when I set it up I give it a wipe to dry moisture.

October 31
Km’s Pedalled – 70.5 km’s

Destination – Just past Queets

Some Notes – A low of 2 degrees last night.  A cold morning but a beautiful sunny day.  I visited Ruby Beach on my south.  It is classic Pacific Coast beach landscape – in other words beautiful.

Ruby Beach

I actually lost my GoPro there for about 20 minutes.  I was walking along and on top of the piles of washed up logs.  While walking across one that was still wet I slipped with my feet completely coming from underneath me causing me to throw my GoPro into the air.  I initially thought I saw where it landed but I searched and searched.  I didn’t think I was going to find it.

I temporary lost my GoPro in a pile of logs

Camping on a logging road tonight.

November 1
Km’s Pedalled – 63 km’s

Destination – South of Neilton

Some Notes – A low of 3 degrees last night.  Cold nights making it hard to sleep.  Thankfully the sun is out again.

Hydrangeas growing along the road

Today I visited Lake Quinault and Quinault Rain Forest trail.  The trees were tall and with the overall a beautiful sunny day the lake was perfect and calm.

Quinault Rain Forest

Lake Quinault

November 2
Km’s Pedalled – 42 km’s

Destination – Hoquiam

Some Notes – Not as cold as last few nights but I still didn’t sleep great.  Lots on the mind and lots of work to get done.

A cool morning as usual, but the sun is out and an easy day of biking.  I got a campsite at Hoquiam RV Campground.  My batteries are too drained and tonight will be my first shower in Washington.  Only 8 days.

A lot of this in Washington

As usual when I stop and have a work station/place I work late; going to bed after 2am.  Mostly editing photos and getting them into the cloud and on Flickr.  I need to declutter those tasks from my monkey mind if I expect to sleep at night.   They are calling for rain over the next 3-4 days.

A dead baby Blue or Eastern Racer (Coluber constrictor foxii) found on the road

My Press Release was released today.  You can read it HERE.

November 3
Some Notes – It rained most of the night and today but not heavy.  Apparently they are calling for heavier rain tomorrow but I want to move on.

The entire day was spent in front of the computer.  Me and Brandon wiped off another Road Show.

November 4
Km’s Pedalled – 62.5 km’s

Destination – Raymond

Some Notes – Temperatures were reasonable last night and I slept in a bit.  Actually, considering that it was another 2am morning I should have slept longer.  The weather seems to have let up a bit.  They are calling for rain for the next day but I sure don’t want to spend another $25 a night when I can camp in the trees for free.

Aberdeen Washington

I was packed up and was on the road at the very late time of 12pm.  I didn’t plan to spend so much time in Aberdeen but I ended up spending most of the afternoon there.  First there was a fair bit of art scattered around town that I kept running into plus a bunch of murals.  I didn’t spend too much time looking (but kept finding more) because I needed grocery supplies and consider some new cold, rain wet weather clothing.  Also Aberdeen is the birth place of Kurt Cobain, lead singer of Nirvana.  Nirvana’s most famous song and video can be found HERE.

Aberdeen Washington

I ended up getting a fleece sweater for the wet and some long johns and a pair of warm socks for sleeping.  By the time I did all that and visit Kurt Cobain’s house and memorial park it was mid afternoon and had been lightly drizzling all afternoon.

Kurt Cobain’s home and memorial park

My original plan was to flow the coast via Hwy 105 towards Westport.  In the rain and only hours away from getting dark it seemed to make more sense cutting straight across via Hwy 101.  This was a really good decision to make as getting a few kilometers outside of town a white van pulled over and Derush Obed (essential one & servant in Hebrew) said there would be a warm bed waiting for me in Raymond (35-40 km’s away).

More Aberdeen

Quick to take advantage of an offer I said “Of course.”  I had bike lights, so I would push through.  By now it was about 4 pm and the sun sets at 5 pm.   Shortly there after the rain started to fall much harder and then a headwind kicked in.  And then right away the mountains kicked in.  I climbed and climbed and climbed.  It seemed never ending.  I was so wet by the time I got to Raymond.

Aberdeen Washington

The last time I was this wet was last year in December on my way to my hosts in Englishtown Nova Scotia after I got off the ferry from crossing Newfoundland.  The only difference was that I was not frozen or cold like back on that day.  Thank goodness I had just purchased a fleece sweater in town and switched my hoody out for my new sweater back in Aberdeen.  I was so wet and with another day of rain in the forecast that I would have been forced to get a hotel room just to dry out if it wasn’t for my host.

Biking up the driveway of my host I caught a huge Northwestern salamander crossing the driveway.  While I was able to catch him I was unable to photograph him in the pouring rain.

Northwestern Salamander – not my photo

Washington Part 1 (Oct 25 to Oct 29)

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