There is my childhood one from when my forehead made contact with a door knob during a pillow fight
There is the one on my stomach when I ran from killer bees and tripped and landed on a tree stump
There is the one behind my left knee from an infected spider bite
There is the burn on the back of my right leg when I pulled my bike away from a multi-acre grass fire that I accidentally started

Then there are the ones that no one can see
The scars of the heart
They are the scars that cause the tears

They are the infected places
The unhealed places in my soul
The wounds that seep bile into my life

The scars that keep me from the life
The scars that I cannot face
The scars that remind me of my past
The scars that I cannot get past

The ugly deformed places in my mind
The parts of me that make me hide in fear
The rot of my salvation

Scars are the part that never heals
Scars are the part that never leaves
Scars are my daily reminder

Written January 8, 2023


The Little Boy

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