Perhaps a more important bucket list then my experiences and accomplishment bucket list

  1. Live with a purpose
  2. To not fall into resignation. To never give up
  3. That my greatest dreams and goals and plans to always be in front of me and not behind me
  4. To hear and decipher the voice of God in my life
  5. To be a part of something greater than myself
  6. To die a good death
  7. To live a more balanced and sustainable life
  8. To see healing and redemption in my brokenness
  9. To be strong enough to always do what is right
  10. To live within God’s design from my life
  11. To break free of the harmful and debilitating agreement I have made about my life
  12. To have strength and maturity about my convictions
  13. Be a part of something historic
  14. To do right by the people that cross my path in life
  15. To you have eyes that see, ears that hear and a heart that feels
  16. To be known by at least one person
  17. To live a life of RAD – risk, adventure and danger
  18. To be remembered by someone
  19. Grow/raise my own food and live a healthy lifestyle

Safari Aries Worldly Bucket List of Experiences and Accomplishments

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