So I am going to make some predictions mostly for shits and giggles and see what happens.  Nothing is predictable about a Canadian winter.  And nothing is predictable about crossing Canada during the winter by bicycle.  But let’s play and see what happens.

If I leave St John’s, Newfoundland on November 11, 2019 I hope to be in Halifax by December 11 which has me in Fortune Bridge, Prince Edward Island before Christmas with my parents.  Leaving my parents after Christmas my Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick kilometers total about 800.  Therefore I hope to reach the New Brunswick/Quebec border by the middle of January.

Truthfully, leaving New Brunswick and entering Quebec probably has me the most nervous weather wise.  I have driven this way by truck during the winter a few times and this area is almost always in a constant winter storm.  Something tells me the winds off the Saint Lawrence River are going to be wicked.  Let’s not talk about this part anymore.

From the Quebec border to Hamilton, ON is about 1,200 kilometers and I hope to be in Hamilton in the first week of February.  Is that pushing it?  Hamilton to Thunder Bay is another 1,400 kilometers.  Can I get to Thunder Bay by the first week of March?  While there is still cold weather and a snow storm or two ahead of me hopefully by the time I reach Thunder Bay I have survived the worst of it.

Thunder Bay to Winnipeg, MB is 700 kilometers; I should be there by mid March and Edmonton, AB is another 1,300 kilometers further and hope to be in Edmonton by mid April. Edmonton to Dawson City, Yukon is 2,500 kilometers but warm weather and longer days are also back.  I hope to be in Dawson City by mid May.

Dawson City up to the Arctic Ocean and Tuktoyaktuk is 920 kilometers and 920 kilometers back to Dawson City.  Hopefully 2 1/2 to 3 weeks to accomplish this section.  This section of the ride will be my favorite section for sure.  Terrace, BC is 1.800 km’s from Dawson City (with a short side trip into Alaska through the community of Chicken). I should reach Terrace by mid July.

Terrace to Jasper National Park in Alberta to Vancouver is 925 kilometers and so I hope to complete my Canadian tour by the end of July 2020.

My complete Canadian route is a total of approximately 14,200 kilometers and I am hoping to complete it in just under eight months.  I am basing this by averaging 50 kilometers per day during the winter months and 66 kilometers per day during spring and summer.  My other goal is to see if I can complete this section of the ride for less than $8000 dollars in total expenses (food, lodging, gear repairs, etc etc).

So we will see.   Eight months is a pretty big commitment of time in relation to the complete ride and who knows I could also be way off.  Who knows what weather or mechanical or physical challenges lay in front my this winter coming.  Like I just said I could be way off with my predictions.

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