I recently wrote a blog post called Moving Forward.  The post was in response to an unexpected situation in my life.  Rather then give a summary I will simply put the link to that post HERE.

The purpose of this particular post is for my own personal purposes.  I received quite a few amazing and supportive comments on Facebook.  About 70 combined comments actually.  Anyways the purpose of this post is mostly to save a handful of those comments as they will very quickly be buried in a 1000 future Facebook posts.

I want to thank everyone who took the time read and comment on my post.  And of course thank you to all who reached out privately.  These are some of my favorite comments.

Ron Major Thanks for pouring your heart out. It is a brave thing to do. I wish you well on your journey.

Dallas Justinger Arie needs to feel good with Arie…

Perry Stone the loneliness of a long distance rider

Annie Ferguson Some of our greatest teachers provide the hardest lessons. May the wind be at your back.

Becky Ann Paige This is so disheartening as the more times you get hurt the less likely you are to allow people to get close to you and the less likely you are to form meaningful relationships. I send you much love as you are worthy of great things. Keep on keeping on. I hope for better days in your near future.

Tammy L Smith Just getting it out and expressing your feelings (as you did) should help.
I’m sure during some of those long stretches your mind will wander, and if it’s like mine, will tie itself in knots with the what if I had done this and what if that…I wish you peace and tranquillity on your travels. (From NS)

Monique Gaudet I know that words sometimes do little to numb the hurt but I echo what all these folks said. Hang in there Dude. You are worthy of friendship, love and loyalty.

Kristina Maškarin Hej Arie, you probably know this deep down; if pattern repeats you need to change something in your core belief if you want to stop. Also, why other do not see your true self so things fall apart? These are observations rather than criticism. We all face challenges… Keep on pedaling and purging, you are greater than you think!

Teresa Nauta-Gilchrist Sorry to hear this- I understand it well. Be strong, keep pedaling and know there are people who share inspiration in your story and admire your determination.

Bruce Barton Master every challenge

Stergios Skatharoudis people do what they do; no control over that.  You have lots of us here to follow and support you energetically toward that journey to Argentina!  And I am here to follow you as you move along that journey.  Arie, mythologically, you are a warrior and you can do this and persevere my friend.

Jason Hoogerbrugge I like how you share exactly how your feeling. It keeps it real and we, your followers get to hear you get it off your chest. I think there is a lot of us that wish we had your courage. We are able to get close to you whether you realize it or not. You have a lot of support behind you. You are correct that we all share in the shittier side of life and getting to hear that someone else experiences it makes me and others feel like we aren’t alone. But I (we, your followers) are truly inspired by all the positive experiences you are having with great people along your journey. Just keep sharing your story and let us continue to be inspired.

Gayle Smith Long may you ride…all of Nova Scotia is with you xo

Richard Roussy Keep on pedaling dude! You are gonna have the time of your life!  It’s none of your business what others think of you my man…you do you.  I’m following you, and rooting for you too!
After having your posts coming through my feed all this winter, you almost feel like an old friend. It will be cool if we meet.

Johannes Hoogerbrugge We believe in you; always have and always will. You have accomplished much more than you give yourself credit for, and you are stronger than you may think you are. Remember that “greater is He who is in you, than he that is in the world.”

Lorne Wolfe Arie, only you and God really know who you are. The rest of us only see parts of each other. Reflect a bit, then move on, knowing that Jesus loves you more than any of us ever could. Have a great ride today and every day.

David White Once the shock is over it’s the big picture my friend. You have already been thrown many curve balls and there are many still to come. On a personal note; you saved my life a number of months ago and I don’t know how I will ever repay you for that, but I will try. You are a good man, Arie.

Henny Hoogerbrugge I’m so sorry, Arie. Thank you for having the courage to go raw and share your hurts as you move on in your life’s journey. It’s risky doing that — many people can’t deal with other peoples pain — but the beauty of doing so makes for a deeper relationship with those who don’t run. You are brave; you are strong; you are a beautiful person, inside and out.

Dolores D’entremont Arie, it takes courage to be real, so thank you for your honesty. Unfortunately, too many of us allow others to define who we are; it took me a lifetime and still I stumble. We’re (you’re) here for a purpose and perhaps we’ll (you’ll) never fully understand why. The fact that you’re on that bike says a lot of who you are. You’re an easy person to like, stay focused and continue heading west on this amazing adventure.

Ray Chin Sorry to hear about this upsetting news! Impressed by your vulnerability. I think it’s a good decision to pull back on the external for a time, to give more care for yourself and your ride. I hope this will become good material for your book and grist for the mill (of soul work). I think you can write a great book without this unnamed person. Glad to have met you. Call if you wish to talk sometime.

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