I get that messaged or told to me a lot.  But most people don’t really elaborate beyond that phrase?  Inspired you in what way?  How does it inspire you?  What in your life is now different?  What dream or goal are you finally going after?  For me to be inspired means I have changed my way of thinking or I am going to start do things differently or I am going to take on some new monstrous adventure or dream.

Admittedly I am not inspired often but when I see something amazing that I think I can do, then for me it is like it gives me permission to also do it.  I still remember watching I Want To See The World Pt1 on YouTube.  Watching Iohan of Bike Wanderer pedal his bike on the Dempster Highway in a snow storm.  I remember thinking – you can do that?  And then I thought if he can, then surely I can and that was the day that the possibility of biking across Canada during the winter became a very real possibility.

If my ride truly inspires you then I hope that one day soon or in 6 months or a year I receive a message from you.  A message about how you accomplished or tried something great or overcame an obstacle in your life because you first saw me on my 55,000 km, 3 year bike ride.

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