Did you not hear me cry out
How loud must I scream
Will my tears not be enough

What other price must I pay
Has anyone fought as hard as me
Do you forsake me in my darkest hour

Am I not worthy
Have I not paid for my sins
Is there no grace for your son

Must I know a life of failure
Who will redeem me
Am I not forgiven

Do you not see my heart ripped beyond repair
What man am I with no more heart
I am nothing but the shell of an existence

My fist smash against the ground
Am I not on my knees
Do you not see me

On my knees screaming for your mercy
On my knees desperate for your grace
I am broken and there is nothing left

Speak to me that I might know
Hear my cry because no one does
Wipe my tears because no one will

Have I been forsaken
This is my darkest hour

Written October 20, 2019

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