I arrived and completed my Mexican bike route (6,200 km’s) in Chetumal on November 15

November 16
Some Notes – I was in front of my computer all day.  All my latest photos are organized and edited.  I wrote my Veracruz State blog and most of Tabasco State blog post.  I was able to get the numbness in my left hand diagnosed through a bike ride follower.  I have Paresthesia in my left arm and hand and have had it since November 3rd.  I don’t think the numbness is considered too bad but it doesn’t seem to be getting any better either.  The worst of it is in my far left 2 fingers and elbow.

November 17
Some Notes – Another day in front of the computer.  I started my day by finish writing my Tabasco State blog post.  I then did a Road Show with Brandon.  And then I posted my Veracruz State blog post and my Tabasco State blog post to my website.  I then I wrote and posted Campeche State blog post.

I got an email update from Belize.  Things are not looking good regarding Covid paranoia in Belize.  Supposedly you are required to wear a mask at all times unless at home or on your own property.  I fear this means I will be biking fairly direct and quickly to my home.

November 18
Some Notes – My morning started by writing my first draft of my Mexico Summary blog post.

A French girl at the hostel was asking me about entering the US from Mexico as she thought I was American so I explained my situation and story.  That’s when she remembered and recognized me from the Jasper Alberta hostel I stayed at in August 2020.  She remembered me working in the front common area because she was working at that hostel at that time.  The crazy meeting and crossing of people continues right up to end of this crazy adventure through Mexico.

Today I spent much of the afternoon researching aquaponics.

I uploaded 578 photos to Flickr and worked on my Follower Appreciate blog post at the same time.  Whenever a cool, nice or memorable comment is posted to any of my Facebook posts I take a screen shot of the comment.  Whenever I get around to it, I write out these comments into a blog post so that I have a record of them and so they don’t get lost in the 1,000’s of other Facebook posts that are forever being posted.

November 19
Some Notes – I took a ride around city.  I wanted to orient myself around this city for future reference.  I first got a small tear in my boots and my travel bag repaired for $40 pesos ($2).  I then went out to the Walmart.  The Walmart here is fairly modern but probably too far out of the downtown core for future practical use.  I then went to the Office Depot to look at laptops and get an iPhone charging cable.  A new laptop would set me back between $800 and $1,000 USD.  I then found a bike shop that will replace my shifting cables and adjust my brakes this evening.  I then went to the DHL express office to find out that it is basically a flat rate of $60 USD to ship up to 2 kg to the USA or Canada from Chetumal.

This afternoon I had part of a bike tune-up but they didn’t have the shifting cables so I have to go back tomorrow.  I also updated my expense and financial records of this trip.  And I have started to withdraw money as it looks I am stuck buying another laptop.  I am stressed and frustrated about this expense.  Tonight, I am also feeling stressed about the future.  I have one shot at making life work in Belize and I have no idea what the target is (for that one shot). In many ways I feel like this was a rather unproductive day.

I finished writing my latest Follower Appreciation blog post.  And in an effort to feel productive I stayed up till 2 am and wrote Better Questions and Reflections to live by Part 16 & 17 blog posts.  In bed I started researching beekeeping until after 3 am.

November 20
Some Notes – I started my morning sharing my Documenting your bike ride adventure blog post to 14 Facebook bike groups.  I than posted my Mexican Summary post to my website and than shared that post to 20 Facebook groups.  I than posted my I just have to say thank you! – Appreciation blog post.  And I than posted my Better Questions and Reflections to Live By Part 16 & 17 blog posts but I saved them to my drafts as I have already posted 5 blog posts in the last 3 days

I sent an email to Ya’axché Conservation Trust about beekeeping in Belize.  Back in 2018 I attended a customized course they developed for me on how to build a tree nursery.  A few days ago I spent the afternoon researching aquaponics.  Today I spent a good part of the afternoon researching beekeeping.

Belize does not have a lot of opportunity for someone like me unless I am already independently wealthy.  I am looking at the possibility to dabble in multiple projects to allow me to pivot if necessary and to have options if I ran into certain environmental disasters which are common on farms in the tropics or anywhere for that matter.

My first desire is to start my tree farm for raising seedlings for reforestation of jungle and rainforest.  But I need to consider producing my own food and perhaps producing some surplus food for sale.  Currently this looks like building a chicken coop, perhaps building an aquaponics garden and raising bees for honey.  I already have 400 young coconut trees planted.  Perhaps I can get some sheep and goats and possibly plant plantains and papaya amongst the coconut trees.  All exciting but also a stressful time.

I received an interesting message via Messenger tonight.  The message was a result of me sharing my Mexican Ride Summary blog post on Facebook bike group this morning.

Most people wouldn’t believe that message about me given how social my bike ride has been as this guy couldn’t believe seeing the guy who wrote that blog post share a room with him for a whole week yet never say a word to anyone.  But the reality is that this message reflects the true me.  I have also spent a week at the hostel here in Chetumal and basically not spoken to a single person here either.

As an introvert I have always been very quiet in social environments.  I have never felt like I fit in ever.  I remember before I meet my x-fiancé I realized that I was getting to that age that society was going to start judging me as a weirdo (in a bad way). What is wrong him that at his age he is unmarried and single virtually his whole life?

The reality is that when my fiancé became my x-fiancé something inside me broke into a million pieces and me being “very quiet” in social environments became “extremely uncomfortable” in all social environments.  It was simple logic, if my fiancé rejected me (along with other compounding factors) then of course I don’t fit in.

While I may be extremely uncomfortable in social environments, I have now come to accept that uncomfortableness and, in a way, embraced my inability to engage people socially.  I simply cannot care if I walk through a million people and not talk to a single person.  And if no one notices me than all the better.  As shocking as that statement may sound it’s the only way, I know how to function in social environments now.

Furthermore, explaining all this is in part is why I find it difficult to see the benefits of continuing my bike ride beyond Belize.  If after everything that has happened these last 2 years and all my experiences that I have had with 100’s and 100’s of people I am still “extremely uncomfortable” in social environments then something is missing and the bike ride is not helping or providing.  Not to say that the answers are necessarily in Belize.  But right now, that’s all I have in my life.

November 21
Some Notes – I attempted to purchase a laptop this morning and it did not go well for me.  It turns out that all laptop systems are in Spanish.  I knew the computer would be in Spanish but usually it should be a few clicks on the computer to switch to English.  Unfortunately, in laptops for sale in Mexico you have to buy an “English” license and the tech guy couldn’t figure it out.  So, I couldn’t buy the laptop and now I have $16,000 extra pesos in my pocket.  So tomorrow I am going to waste time and money trying to get rid of these pesos.

I spent the afternoon researching ram pump designs for use in Belize until after a few hours of research I discovered they wont work on the farm.  Not a productive day at all.

November 22
Some Notes – My last full day in Mexico.  I was able change all my $16,000 pesos into USD fairly easily and quickly.  The exchange cost me approximately $17 US and went fairly smoothly.  Everything turned out better than expected.

I then shared My Mexican Summery blog post to the last 14 Facebook bike groups.

The glue on my original boot has broken away now.  I found a guy who is now going to stitch both my soles to my boots.  Thank goodness these shoe repair guys are everywhere and cheap.  It seems all I do is visit them.  And I finally went to get my shifting cables replaced.

I wrote and posted this final Mexican blog post.  I am very excited about heading to Belize tomorrow.

Campeche State (Nov 10 to 15)

Mexican Bike Tour Summary

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