Of Saint John New Brunswick

Wayne has been a long time follower from the very beginning and offered me a place to stay I believe even before my ride started.  Wayne went so far out of his way to be an amazing host.  Wayne and Sonya picked me up at the Digby-Saint John ferry so I didn’t have to make my way through Saint John in the dark.  The next morning Wayne woke up at 5:30am to bring my to CBC Saint John Radio for my interview with Rachel Caves. Then Wayne took me to breakfast and then Wayne took me to Millennium Cycle & Sport to get my bike and trailer looked at.  While at Millennium Wayne made a call to CTV News and made arrangements for Mike Cameron to do a news piece on me.  I ended up staying with Wayne and Sonya for 4 nights and then Wayne even drove me through a snow storm to the outside of Saint John city to help me get on my way.  And then Wayne handed me a $50 Tim Horton’s gift card.

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