Would you believe this family was my only host on my first bike ride when I biked through Grande Prairie AB in 2011. (They have since moved to Vancouver Island). In Grand Prairie they were hosts because my laptop had crashed and I needed deal with this and Bruce drove a truck for one of uncles.

So based on that story you can imagine that being hosted by all these different people across Canada was not even on my radar when I started this ride and has been beyond amazing!!  Bruce and Rennee are my 52nd host on this bike ride.

It was awesome to reconnect after 9 years and to have them as my 52 hosts so far.

Upon arrival I only initially stayed one night as I was anxious to spend some time on the bike after being in Vancouver for so long.  So I very quickly got back on the road to headed to Tofino with the plan to return after my Tofino ride as I knew I would have tons of editing and blog posting as a result of exploring the Pacific Rim National Park.

I arrived back in Qualicum Beach October 4 and I ended up staying until October 11.  I know crazy eh?  I ended up taking at least 2,000 photos during my time to Tofino and back.  All that had to be edited and sorted, I wrote 5 blog posts, 2 YouTube shows plus many more tasks.  I meant to leave on the 9th but some emails came in and then the weather turned a little crappy and then on 10th I helped Bruce collect firewood.  It was the least I could do.

Views from firewood collection are at the very bottom of the page.

In front of Bruce’s old truck

Bruce’s new truck arrived the day I arrived

Sproat Lake


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