While in Vicente Guerrero I was messaged by someone interested in hosting me in Aguascalientes. The next day I received a message from Mario about hosting me in the same city.  I replied to Mario that I had a current host but if something changed I would let him know and in the very least we would meet.  As I got closer to Aguascalientes I kept my potential host updated on my progress.  Except I was not getting and responses to my updates.

So last minute I messaged my backup host Mario Fernando of my arrival.  Arriving at Mario’s at about 9pm on September 15th I discovered that Mario has been watching my bike ride since the very beginning in Newfoundland.  He never said anything about this in any of his messages!

What are the chances?  Someone offers to host me.  Ariel who I met in Vicente Guerrero asks me why am I headed to Aguascalientes as it technically off my route?   I hadn’t really looked at my route close enough to realize that.  But I simply said I have a host and meeting people is what I do.  And then that host doesn’t respond to my messages and tonight I find myself in the living room of someone who has been following my ride for the last 22 months.  I have to love my Safari Arie bike ride stories.

No mention about who Mario was in his message

With Mario’s mom

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