Is it a blog cop-out to make a blog post into a list?  Over the years in truck I got into listening to podcasts. First a few a week and then depending on the day sometimes listening to podcasts 6-7 hours a day.  I have probably listen to a few 1000 hours of podcasts by now.  During some of those podcast something would be said that would make me go – huh? or huh!   And I would make note of it.  Before long my list of better questions or reflections started filling up pages and pages.  And some of it was pretty profound stuff if I do say so myself.

Mostly what I wrote down pertained to day to day life, there is some business stuff (which is kind of the same thing) and of course a little bit of spiritual sprinkled in.  Over the years I also collected a bunch of quotes from some of my favourite movies; so I added a few of those in my collection of wisdom.

If we ask better questions we generally make better decisions.  The same happens if we consider such wise words of wisdom from someone who may have a little bit of experience under their belt.  Anyways, I plan to post a list every few weeks or so.  Like I said I got pages and pages of these nuggets of wisdom.

As a side note; some of these are quotes and at the time of listening I never wrote down the author.  But they are pretty good without the authors name.  I wouldn’t be surprised if many of these become blog posts of their own someday.

Some of my favorite podcasters are Big Questions, Buckit, Exponential Wisdom, Masters of Scale, The Pitch, The Side Hustle, Tim Ferriss, Ransomed Heart and Start Up.

  1. Imagine, create, execute & deliver.
  2. What is my way of acknowledging God?
  3. Dying without doing anything, to me was a failure – Paul Ruesesabagina (Hotel Rwanda)
  4. What will you do for a living when the whole world runs on technology?
  5. Think about your brand 10 years ahead.
  6. It’s hard to do hard things.
  7. I haven’t done that yet.
  8. To live in the present is the highest calling.
  9. As a salesperson bring the objections up to the front of the sale.
  10. Naiveté can be an asset.
  11. How do I win the morning to win the day?
  12. What would it look like to die a warriors death for me?
  13. Make a resume of your failures and what you learned.
  14. Elements of a good pitch.  Pitches with multiple options.  Answer – Why am I the guy to do this?
  15. Don’t be a UI – useful idiot.
  16. If you’re going to have a story, have a big story.
  17. How do you over provide?
  18. Remember to smile.
  19. When you have considered all your options, remember you haven’t.
  20. You don’t get remembered in the middle.
  21. Keep it simple.
  22. My validation comes from the job I do, not for who I do it for (my boss) – Arie Hoogerbrugge
  23. Do epic shit.
  24. Cowards always hide behind rules.
  25. Your first best destiny.  Anything else is a waste – Spock
  26. The price of regret is greater than the price of discipline.
  27. We can never win an argument with words only passion.
  28. What about “that“ doesn’t make sense?
  29. What else could I believe?
  30. Where am I being a hypocrite? – Arie Hoogerbrugge

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