Over the years in truck I got into listening to podcasts.  First a few a week and then depending on the day sometimes listening to podcasts 6-7 hours a day.  I have probably listen to a few 1000 hours of podcasts by now.  During some of those podcast something would be said that would make me go – huh? or huh!   And I would make note of it.  Before long my list of better questions or reflections started filling up pages and pages.  And some of it was pretty profound stuff if I do say so myself.

Mostly what I wrote down pertained to day to day life, there is some business stuff (which is kind of the same thing) and of course a little bit of spiritual sprinkled in.  Over the years I also collected a bunch of quotes from some of my favourite movies; so I added a few of those in my collection of wisdom.

If we ask better questions we generally make better decisions.  The same happens if we consider such wise words of wisdom from someone who may have a little bit of experience under their belt.  Anyways, I plan to post a list every few weeks or so.  Like I said I got pages and pages of these nuggets of wisdom.

As a side note; some of these are quotes and at the time of listening I never wrote down the author.  But they are pretty good without the authors name.  I wouldn’t be surprised if many of these become blog posts of their own someday.

Some of my favorite podcasters are Big Questions, Buckit, Exponential Wisdom, Masters of Scale, The Pitch, The Side Hustle, Tim Ferriss, Ransomed Heart and Start Up.

  1. Now play the game. Your game.  The one only you was meant to play.  The one that was given to you when you came into this world.  – Bagger Vance
  2. What is a good man?
  3. Look good, feel good, do good.
  4. Just tell me why…
  5. Are you dangerous for good?
  6. The real question isn’t why there is so much suffering in the world. The real question is why is there so much beauty? – A Story Worth Living
  7. It’s not one more thing. It is the thing.
  8. Go where there’s no competition.
  9. You need to focus on plan A not Plan B.
  10. People respond to solutions not guilt.
  11. Need to focus more on the journey than the results. If you don’t lose sight of the goal the results will appear.
  12. Reveal the lies that I have come to believe.
  13. Aim for the heart.
  14. Anyone can sell. Sell something.
  15. Create daily good business habits.
  16. Stop killing the planet.
  17. Stories have a greater implication on our lives then facts
  18. Where there’s no responsibility there’s no response. Where there’s no response there’s no action.  Where there’s no action there’s no growth.
  19. If I have a sense of responsibility I have an opportunity to impact. Impact for positive
  20. Make a list of the 25 career goals then do the top 5 and eliminate the other 20 until the top 5 are completed.
  21. Better to be lucky then smart.
  22. What are the SOP’s for life? (Standard operating procedures)
  23. Who are the people that could help me?
  24. Everything else is a distraction.
  25. Always tell the truth. Always take the high road. Treat each day like it could be your last. Drink it in. Be adventurous, be bold but savour it. It goes fast. Don’t die. – Captain Fantastic
  26. If you can make something that no one gives a shit about interesting then you have something.
  27. “Are you offended that I am generous?” – God
  28. The accessible possible.
  29. Good ideas fail 3 times.
  30. 40% of all jobs are gone in 10 years.

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