I make every effort to read every comment posted and to either respond or “like” every comment.  From the beginning I have kept a record of my favorite comments/messages.

What can I say other than “thank you” for all the support and encouragement I have received from the day this amazing ride started.

These particular comments go as far back as when I was just entering British Columbia to this New Years.  Check out some of my recent favorites.

Stuart Morgan – Amazing photos!  So glad I have your trip to follow.  Really amazing.

Henny Hoogerbrugge – I really enjoy reading your diaries Arie.  They remind me of the beauty of the land and the people in it.  The kindness of people (like those in Empress Alberta) are all to often never mentioned because they aren’t “Bill Gates” enough, yet they are the ones who bring hope to my heart.

Rodney Offord – Well done.  Good reason to celebrate and be thankful to the Lord for your safety and enabling so far.

Bruce Oconner – Awesome.  I watched ya all the way till gone.  Might a had a wee tear in my eye.  (Responding to the post thanking Bruce for hosting me).

Lelia Jobin – This is where we met you! (Responding to a photos of Dinosaur Provincial Park – I met her & family outside the info center).

Frosty Wooldridge – Epic and I’ll be the first in line for you to sign a copy of your book.

Brian Collins – Spectacular!  Just amazing – inspirational

Perry Stone – I finally figured out your ride persona out.  You are a hippie, the way you just putt about, stay here and there, and that’s very cool.

Gayle Smith – I envision your face on a Canadian postage stamp….face it you are known and loved from Nfld to BC.

Stuart Morgan – Your photos are amazing.  Please, please release a book when you are finished.  I have admired your trip from afar but I after doing some bikepacking myself I know we are only seeing a small precent of the wonderful sights you are experiencing.

Joe OBlenis – I’ll vouch for this guy.  Certainly worth following along!

Micheal Bell – You rock Hoogerdude!

Steven Sloat – Still following you.  Congrats on reaching the Pacific.

Gauthier Dawna – Hey Arie.  I hope you never stop hearing this from random souls.  But you are amazing!!!

Annie Ferguson – Your story has been a beautiful unfolding Arie

Lauren Ollsin – Thanks for this post Arie.  Tears welling up here, but it feels ok.  Thanks again for inspiration.  (Responding to post from Terry Fox’s grave site and cleaning his and his parent’s stones)

Bernice Wilson – Thank you Arie for sharing all the great outdoor beautiful nature pictures.  My heart is SMILING.  I just started radiation for my thyroid and your pictures bring so much joy and happiness to me.

Lisa Mcinnis – I had some serious doubts when you left our store in Bass River NS in the middle of a horrible snowstorm….but look at you go!!!  Keep up the hard work and inspirational words.  I loved the quote “Nothing epic happens on your couch.”  It should be a bumper sticker.  Stay safe.

Topher Grace – I’ve reduced my time online due to all these [negative social media] issues.  A large group of people have become mean, spiteful and rude.  I have a few lovely people such as yourself I enjoy following and keeping in touch with, aspiring journeys and lives, the kindness of strangers and beautiful countryside explored.

Marci Webb – I love hearing your journey and the great people you meet.

Perry Stone – Now that sir, is a photograph.  You need an artist to paint it.  I absolutely lave that shot and what it means.

Martin Tempelman – You’ve been far more than just encouraging to many people; me being one of them.  Thank you.  It is great knowing you.

Dallas Justinger – The beautiful photos, the exceptional people and your story telling…It’s a real life adventure that most of us will never get a chance to take.  Thanks again.

Alasdair Veitch – 12,000 plus km’s is a lot for a single trip across Canada, but you added a lot of kilometers with all your side trips.  Nobody can say you didn’t cover coast to coast.  It is just too bad that you couldn’t go up to the Arctic Ocean due to Covid.  You done good my friend – and cycling through a Canadian winter gives you serious ‘road cred.’  I still remember all the doubters at the start, as am sure you do as well.

Ian Forbes – I follow his adventure every day…amazing

Sandra Lacie – Congratulations! That was a very impressive adventure and feat!  You have experienced Canada in a way very few have.  Keep safe and enjoy the memories you make along the next portion of your amazing adventure.  Thank you for sharing with us.  Your motivation and commitment are an inspiration.

Cory Smith – Canada is huge!! You Rock!!

Glen McClure – USA will never be the same after Arie lands.  Welcome to the USA!

Robinson Lea Myers – What an incredible journey.  This might not make sense to everyone but I was just thinking the other day how disconnected we all are when we are in our cars alone, battling one another for a position while fighting traffic…and how much more relaxed and at peace I was when I had no vehicle and I walked or ran everywhere.  I met people eye to eye and really saw them.

You have the opportunity to meet people and to take the time to share experiences and enjoy real moments of generosity and human connection.

What you are doing is a worthy challenge and a truly noble accomplishment.  Bringing people together all on your own.

Frosty Wooldridge – You’re pedalling through a dream and living that dream.  Pedal on and happy New Year, Frosty

David White – Good writing comes from a position of honesty and you write about truth in abundance Arie

Stuart Morgan – Everyday I scroll my feed and I am greeted very pleasantly with the photos of your travels.  Keep up the great work.  You are a massive inspiration and your photos are excellent as always.

Simon Lee – Pictures like this makes me wanna get on my bike and ride.  It’s a thought journey but a great adventure so I respect you for that Arie.

Thank you!

Appreciation Overload

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