I can’t breathe
My chest tightens
My heart beats faster

Why do I feel so alone inside?
This feeling never leaves
How am I to know that you are real?

Days turn into weeks
Weeks turn into years
Why do I feel the same?

There is no emotion
Just the reality of another day
Did things change? Nothing changes

I can’t hold back the tide
Time catches up to all of us. Especially me
Every day is a new day to remind me of the past

Vivid moments flash before me
Moments seared into my memories
If only I could wake up to things being back to before 

How did it ever become this?
Where did I turn wrong?
How did I become so fooled?

I want to wake up
I am begging you, I am crying out to you
I am suffocating inside my soul

Written: March 2, 2021

Don’t remind me of what can never be


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