It failed so can we please stop posting crap?  If the world does not already realize the following [examples] then I promise your memes haven’t changed a thing.

  • Every Canadian already knows that Justin Trudeau is corrupt as they come. Your memes have changed nothing.
  • Trump supporters you have not convinced me Trump is a moral man. Trump haters have not convinced me he is as evil as you claim.  Biden haters I don’t care.  Are there any Biden supporters?  No one actually cares.  Imagine if no one showed up at the voting polls?
  • America is not great. Some countries are better then others.
  • Your posts and memes have not convinced any Republicans or Democrats to switch parties. You have simply created more division in a country on the verge of a civil war.
Stop looking for political leaders to save you.  They won’t save you.  Two thousand + years of history proves that.
  • People that choose not to wear masks don’t care why you choose to wear them.
  • Everyone already knows that Black Lives Matters is racist and has caused more deaths and divisions between races since the days of slavery.
  • Atheist your memes have not convinced me there is no God.
  • Climate change has been happening for millions of years. Man made or not, humans need to change the way we abuse our planet.
  • Carbon tax has nothing to do with the environment and everything to do with wasted government tax dollars.
  • The immigrants that have come to the free world (Canada or US) are not going to leave because you ask them to on social media.
  • I follow no sports or athletes so who stands and who kneels I have no idea. But I don’t care because I do feel confident that most athletes already lead horrible examples for young people.  Besides a 25 year old making 30 million dollars a year lives on another planet anyways.
  • Which news media is lying and which news media is telling the truth is irrelevant. Assume they are all lying.
  • People get upset about religious people shoving God down their throats. Then [many of] those same people shove their own religion down everyone else’s throat (the religion of politics and/or atheism).  And then they want to thank the universe for all their blessings (as if the universe cares).
  • Those that are easily offended. I promise you – no one cares.  Get over yourself.
  • Am I missing any other cultural memes?

You haven’t convinced me or anyone else.  You failed; I repeat you failed.  But you have convinced me that you are not part of the solution.

Your posts are not changing the world.  Your memes and posts have inspired no one.  They are killing your own soul and spirit and at the same time they are killing everyone else’s soul and spirit.  For those who realize and need to unfollow certain people on Facebook simply Google – How to unfollow someone on Facebook.

Start a podcast or a blog and write your own material and then you will find out how quickly you are actually passionate about these topics or even care about them.  I bet you don’t last 2 weeks.

Picking up garbage, plant a tree, helping your neighbor, feed the poor or visit the elderly only once will accomplish far more than a lifetime of your posts will.

The world will evolve into what it will evolve into.  I do not say that out of lost hope.  History has shown we do not learn from history and we are destined to repeat it.  Only you are responsible for you.

Strive to be a better person if not for yourself for your children, grandchildren and your nieces and nephews.  Feel free to unfollow me; you were never part of my audience to begin with.

And thank you to all the people who are actually making the world a better place but will never read this post because they are too busy being the difference.

Be the difference not social media vomit

Your bike ride inspired me

The god of success

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