November 15
Km’s Pedalled –
63.5 km’s

Destination – Willamina

Some Notes – Based on yesterday‘s experience in the rain I thought today was going to be absolutely miserable.  When I woke up the rain had stopped and it was overcast.  While the sun didn’t exactly come out today was far more enjoyable than I expected.  It did rain a little on and off lightly throughout the day.

A juvenile Northwest Salamander.  He wasn’t doing to good.

I’m actually headed inland from the coast to McMinnville for a few days to reconnect with someone from my past.  Jake Volz was a Voortman Cookie distributor back when I was a truck driver.  I probably delivered to Jake 7-8 times over the years.  I ended up biking through Siuslaw Forest and thoroughly enjoyed my day.

Biking today reminded me how much I so enjoy Oregon (I just wish it was possible to dry out at the end of each day).  On a sidenote many sections of the roadway has little or no shoulders.  Biking in Oregon continues to be on the dangerous side.

Siuslaw Forest

Photos off the internet.  It was too overcast that day for me to take a nice one.  You can read more about the Smiley Face HERE

I am not 100% sure what my plans are leaving McMinnville but due to the current weather (rain) I bypassed a scenic route to the coast from Tillamook, Cape Lookout and Pacific City which were all on my radar to visit.

November 16
Km’s Pedalled –
27 km’s

Destination – Youngberg Hill Winery in McMinnville

Taken from their website

Some Notes – The morning was a little miserable.  I took my tent down in the rain but I did not have far to pedal to get nice and dry.  I saw a lot of Oregon Newts and small frogs dead on the side of the road.

Youngberg Hill Winery

It was a heck of a climb up the hill to get to the winery.  I confess I needed to push my bike for the last part. I am staying at the most luxurious place I have ever stayed thanks to Jake Volz who only a few days helped me get dry at his aunts in Nehalem.  I did a little work but I also watched a bit of TV.

Youngberg Hill Winery & the sky

November 17
Some Notes – An uneventful day – wet and rainy.  Jake brought me a 2 Safari Arie baseball caps.  They look absolutely awesome.  I did get 2 blogs posted and a Road Show with Brandon done this morning.  I also watched more TV.  My gear is dry and organized once again.

Jake had some custom caps made for me

November 18
Probably the laziest day of ride.  I worked just a little bit but I mostly watched tv until 3am.

Youngberg Hill Winery

November 19
Km’s Pedalled – 57 km’s

Destination – Willimamina (exactly where I camped Nov 15 on my way to the winery)

Some Notes – Mixed weather of partly sunny and overcast and some light rain today.

I biked into McMinnville for a few supplies and to mail a box of crap home (to PEI).  Then Jake and I did photos and drone footage around McMinnville and surrounding area till almost dark and then I biked to my old camping spot from the other day.  It’s dropping to 1 degree tonight

Due to the rain I originally bypassed Tillamook (scenic loop), Cape Lookout and Pacific City to get to the winery quicker.  I wasn’t sure if I was going to attempt to see these places.  But with the weather the way it is I am more interested in heading south.  Note to readers: these places are probably worth the visit if you are in the neighborhood.

With Jake Volz and my old camping spot

November 20
Km’s Pedalled – 69 km’s

Destination – between Kernville and Lincoln Beach

Some Notes – A cold, foggy and overcast morning.  The sun that was promised did not come out until the afternoon.  Overall, the temperatures were on the cold side.  At least I was cold mostly all day.

A nice sunset at Lincoln City.  It was hard to find a place to camp.  I got stuck in the dark but found a place just in time.  Traffic was busy all day long.

Lincoln City

Notice the frost?

November 21
Km’s Pedalled – 29.5 km’s

Destination – just past Beverly Beach

Some Notes – Another cold night.  I woke up to frost on the ground, but also to sunshine.  It ended up a beautiful sunny day.  I met Jake for some drone footage along the coast at Boiler Bay & Depoe Bay.


Taken from Boiler Bay

Note- A road cyclist told me to turn off Otter Crest Loop near Rocky Creek State Scenic Viewpoint to follow the shoreline.  Super glad that I did.  A really good day except for low km’s, but the drone footage will be way worth the time.

Depoe Bay & with Jake Volz – notice the drone

November 22
Km’s Pedalled – 61 km’s

Destination – Cape Perpetua/Siuslaw National Forest

Some Notes – I got lucky that the rain did not come until the afternoon.  I was able to break camp, make breakfast and visit a few lighthouses before the rain started. – Yaquina Head Lighthouse and Yaquina Bay Lighthouse.

Yaquina Head Lighthouse and Yaquina Bay Lighthouse

I would have considered going to the Oregon Coast Aquarium this afternoon.  The Google Reviews were good except that many parts of the exhibit were closed due to Covid-19.  At $25 a ticket I would have to get the full experience for me to go.

Yaquina Head Lighthouse

It rained the whole afternoon.  I am stealth camped at Cape Perpetua/Siuslaw National Forest.  I got here as it was getting dark (and raining) and finding a camping spot was priority.  This looks like an amazing place to visit and take photos in the nice weather.  Which I don’t have.

Yaquina Bay Lighthouse

I got lucky.  The rain stopped long enough to get my tent up.  I am fairly dry inside my tent and my clothes aren’t too bad either.

And apparently, I missed Thor’s Well?  This was on my list of places to visit.  I never saw a sign for it?

November 23
Km’s Pedalled – 66.5 km’s

Destination – the highest mountain peek between Florence and Reedsport

Some Notes – It was the warmest temperatures last night in a long time.  But the tent floor is not very flat.  It appears that I did not pick the greatest camping spot.  I didn’t sleep the greatest and it didn’t rain very much last night.  I can hear light rain outside.  I am struggling to leave my sleeping bag.

The rain stopped as soon as I got on the road and by 12pm the sun was out.  I visited Heceta Head Lighthouse.

Heceta Head Lighthouse

With the sun out I was having an amazing day.  I was thinking I was one of the luckiest people in the world being on my bike ride.  Tonight, I discovered that I left a cross member tent pole on the ground this morning – 61 km’s away.  I am so pissed with myself.

Using a bungee cord to help keep the tent fabric tight.  Notice how thin the tent is now

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