I recently watched a movie I really enjoyed called One Week (2008).  I enjoy movies that make me reflect.  The film is Canadian.  The short and sweet of the plot is about a young teacher living in Toronto who is diagnosed with cancer that requires immediate treatment.  Instead, he decides to ride a motorcycle from Toronto across Canada to Vancouver Island.  (Mmm… travel across Canada, interesting idea).  If you are Canadian, it’s a great movie as he visits many iconic Canadian stops across Canada.  And of course, the movie makes you think about your own mortality.

It made me think.  In fact, it made me realize something I hadn’t really considered.  What would I do if I was forced back to Canada for reasons out of my control?  The movie is called One Week but of course, the length of time is subjective.  Reflecting on one’s mortality in the category of time frames can result in very different answers often revealing unknown priorities or lost or hidden desires.

What would I do if I only had one day to live? – I would buy a case of beer.

What would I do if I only had one week to live? – I would finish my book.

What would I do if I had one month to live? – I would see and visit any place here in Belize where I could find a jaguar, manatee, whale shark, or sea turtles in the wild.

What would I do if I only had six months to live? – I would bike across Canada again.

Admittedly, I was surprised at what I would do if I only had six months to live.  I didn’t see that one coming.  And it made me realize what I would work toward if I was ever forced back to Canada.  I think I could actually spend the rest of my life biking back and forth across Canada or until I got bored of it.  Which would probably be never.

You can find One Week on YouTube HERE.  If you are not Canadian and not interested in Canada you probably won’t enjoy the movie.  But I really liked it.

What would you do if you only had one week to live?

Written October 19, 2022

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