I still mourn the loss of that little boy
I know I killed a piece of your heart
To this day I never forgot

No one would listen, no one cared
No one fought for you and your heart
You have to believe that I was listening
You have to believe that I cared

You cried, you screamed, you died
I caused that, I know that
The guilt and shame follows me everywhere I wander

You were innocent and you were beautiful
You brought me more joy then you can imagine
For that I ripped the heart out of a child

If I could only go back
If I could only put the pieces back together
This was not your fault

I cried 10,000 nights
It was my doing, it was me
I prayed 10,000 prayers

I killed a place in your heart
I swear I didn’t know things would end the way they did
You were but a child, you were innocent

I should have known
It was me

Written December 29, 2019 for Steven Anderson

My Darkest Hour


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