Something broke that day
And I didn’t even know it
Something broke so deep inside me

I have been broken there for ever since
So deep the human eye can’t see
So deep in my soul. So deep in my heart

So broken that your words are venomous
Your words of kindness are broken twisted pieces of glass
Twisted shards ripping the flesh off my heart

I don’t trust anything that you have to say to me
Your words of love cause me to vomit
And I can’t even stop this feeling

Don’t tell me who I am
You don’t know who I am
You can’t possibly know how strong I am

You think you know me
You don’t even know your self
You make me sick with your words

Don’t tell me that I am this or that
You don’t even understand what it means to be me
You think you know. You make me laugh

You just need to understand that I don’t trust you
You have been lying to yourself your whole life
You think you know how to be honest with me

Something so deep is broken inside me
Something so deep beyond my understanding
Will You heal me

Written November 26, 2019

The Great Constant

The Little Boy

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