Coming back to Creel from an afternoon of biking and hiking at San Ignacio I biked past Luis selling his jewellery at his little table on the main drag of Creel.  Luis quickly waved me over.  Luis is both new and passionate about bike touring. Our conversation quickly turned into an evening invitation to his home that lead to being hosted at his home.  Within a few days I was very intrigued by Luis jewelry business and asked him to teach me how to make my own jewelry.  This would lead to a total of 16 nights at their home.  You can read about my decision to make jewelry HERE.

While there we celebrated Ana’s birthday

While there Luis & Ana did a private concert in their living room for some friends.  That evening Luis sang me Sound of Silence by Simon & Garfunkel

Before I left Creel I was able to set my table for an evening

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