Arriving in Fresnillo I was not sure what to expect. I was told that the local mountain bike group would be notified of my arrival but what happen was way cooler. Whenever I arrive in a Mexican city or town I make a b-line for the center of the city. There is always a huge cathedral there. Arriving in Fresnillo I made my way to Church of our Lady of Purification. I entered to take photos. Upon exiting the church there was a young sitting on a bench almost directly in front the doors. Horacio waved me over and explained that he recognized me from a Facebook post from his friends in Sombrerete. Roman, Juan and Areli that had hosted me and bike out of Sombrerete with me were his friends.

After a short conversation Horacio was calling someone. I asked him who? He causally mentioned that he was calling the Municipal President of Fresnillo. Apparently Horacio knew the mayor. The mayor sent the fire chief of Fresnillo to welcome me and it was decided that I would be staying at the fire station during my stay in Fresnillo.

The next day Horacio took the day off and we took a 6 km walk to visit Plateros to visit Santo Niño de Atocha – the holy infant of Atocha. After out tour the fire chief arrived and introduced me to the Minister of Tourism of Fresnillo. After some photos the fire chief gave us a ride back to town in an ambulance to have lunch the Minister of Tourism.

A ride in an ambulance

Lunch with the Ministry of Tourism

An article Horacio did on my bike ride.  The full article can be found HERE

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