Ever fancied hitting the open road on a bike?

Long distance cycle touring is as eco friendly as travel gets and it has a lot of other benefits. Arie Hoogerbrugge explains.

Arie Hoogerbrugge is cycling from Canada to Belize, Central America. Once a long distance lorry driver he has been planning his cross-continent cycle tour for many years.

He set off in 2019 from Newfoundland and biked 12,340 kilometers across Canada during the 2019-20 Canadian winter and through Covid-19 and is now in Las Vegas and having slowly zig-zaged his way south.

His aim is to pedal a total 50,000 kms through 24 countries to the bottom of Argentina and then onto Belize where he has a home.

On his long journey Arie has discovered a number of things that are unique to cycle touring, essentially the perfect slow, eco-friendly way to travel.

Read on for what Arie’s learnt and wants to share.

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