On September 6 two journalists tracked me down where I was staying at the Fresnillo fire station and interviewed me.

If you speak and read Spanish you will see they did a story about me on page 11.  Open the following link and click on El Diario and swipe left until page 11. http://eldiariontr.com/2021/09/08

The English translation via the Google Translate app translates the story as the following:


Arie Hoogerbrugge Canadian city, on November 12, 2019 from his bike ride to the Argentine ocean, he is now in Fresnillo and describes his experience there as “positively overwhelming. He started from Canada, bound for Argentina in will take a journey of 3 years, more than 50 thousand kilometers and 24 countries of the American continent traveled. With a smile on his face, the Canadian explained that he undertook this trip with the intention of experiences and adventures on his way, adding experience that the people he has met have given him.

He received a common reception from the community of Platezos, for his part he went to visit the temple of Our Lady of Purification, since he enjoys getting to know the religious temples of the country. Arie unraveled an overwhelming experience in a positive sense, especially being in Mexico where he has lived as surreal situations, but cozy, because people are willing to help him on his journey. He admitted, with a laugh, that in Mexico he has managed to recognize the difference between hotel and motel. He explained that he has shared the road with other cyclists, learned to make jewelry and that every day he creates more memories. After Fresnillo he will go to the city of Zacatecas to continue south until he reaches his goal.


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