Arie Hoogerbruge Grimsby native Arie Hoogerbrugge, known as “Safari Arie”, is completing his cross Canada trek on a pedal bike. Next destination: The tip of South America.

Nine years ago, Grimsby’s Arie Hoogerbrugge had an idea. What would it be like to cycle from the Great White North to the most southern point of South America? The moment he spoke those words aloud, every decision he made was about turning that dream into a reality.

Now, the Grimsby native is only days away from completing the first phase of his journey, he says the experience has been far beyond what he could ever have imagined.

Hoogerbrugge was raised in Grimsby next to the old Westbrook Greenhouses on Main St West until he was 18. As a teen, he had a wholesale reptile business selling the animals to Ontario pet stores. He later opened the Reptile Store in Hamilton, the first of many businesses he has created.

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