Do you see what I see.  I look at you.  You look at me
How does it feel to see the pieces slip between my fingers
To see all those memories slowly sink into the depths below

I wanted life I got pain
Who will pick up the pieces
The pieces so deep, just out of reach

When I look upon my heart I don’t understand the reason
I don’t understand why it had to get in that way
Why did it have to happen over and over

If I could have just figured out this life
Maybe someday I could forget that I am no longer whole
Maybe just maybe

The pain of this life never-ending
I grasp for the broken pieces
My hands blood soaked by my memories

Would you ever forgive the way I feel
I don’t blame you but I don’t trust you
If you could only disappear

Written November 7, 2022

I can only imagine


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