That’s right; I plan to cycle and live on the road looking for a new place to sleep virtually every night for the next three years of my life.  That can be a difficult concept/reality to overcome.  I am pretty sure that it is a pretty scary thought to most people.  Think of everything you will miss or everything you could accomplish in three years.

Well let’s think about it.  What does the average mid 40’s single guy accomplish in three years?  Get married?  Buy/pay off his house?  Start a business?  Climb the corporate ladder?  Reach a mid-life crisis? Buy stuff; maybe a fancy car or a few toys? Travel?  Go on adventures?

So given my life and lifestyle let’s see how I fare.  I have been single almost 89% of my entire life.  Statistically speaking I think I see my future in that department.  A failed engagement all most cost me this bike ride.  I bought a house in Canada when I was 20 and sold it shortly thereafter.  I now have a home and land in Belize with zero interest to own and pay taxes for another house in Canada ever.  I started my first business when I was 19.  So I tasted that freedom.  I have absolutely no interest in the corporate ladder and am determined to never have a job again in my life.  There are a few toys I guess I wouldn’t mind but I have been there and done that to realize that toys will not bring the satisfaction that my soul longs for.  And I have come to look upon luxury cars as nothing but vanity that continues to feed the cancer our world suffers from when it comes to “look at me and keeping up with Jones” mentality.  I guess my mid-life crisis happened in my mid 30’s because here I am planning the adventure of a life time.

But what about the things that you will miss?  The weddings, funerals, friends and family; you know all the important stuff.  Yeah, I guess there are few important considerations here.  I’ll do my best to tackle them.  Weddings, I think I am the last remaining single person that I know amongst anyone in my family or small circle of friends.  So weddings are covered.  Funerals, yeah I guess that can be a big one. But what is a funeral?  A time when you reflect your own mortality and wonder if you are living your life well and are accomplishing all the things you feel make up a life worth living.  I think whoever is laying in the said casket would rather me living life to full verses sitting in a pew considering where it all went wrong.   And don’t get me wrong I think for this very reason one should go to as many funerals as they can. Friends and family, I guess this is the biggy.  The reality is everyone is busy living there lives with their own families.  Most of my family is spread out and most of my few friends are in bed by 6 pm exhausted from raising their own families.  Heck, 6 pm bed time sounds good to me.  Also, if you were to look at my cell phone “history”  you would notice virtually no income phone calls and almost only outgoing calls to friends and family.

So in conclusion you can’t be everywhere all the time and life does goes on whether you live at “home” or having the time of your life in exotic parts of the world.

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