September 1
Some Notes – This morning I thought I would go back to the chicken restaurant where I received my free meal at the other day.  I thought that it would give me a chance to pay them back.  Except of course they recognized me and refused my money.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to spend the day as I am caught up on all my work and anxious to get back on the road.  I am mainly waiting for Ben to come back from Durango so I can do my laundry and say good bye.  But it turned out that I didn’t have much to worry about how I spent my day.  Ariel from Multisport messaged me and asked if I wanted to go visit Sierra de Órganos National Park.  Of course, I wanted to go.  It started out pouring rain as we left town but by the time we ready to hike the rain had stopped.  We had an enjoyable multi kilometre hike.  From there we went back to town for some beers and super at Ariel’s.  Back in town Ariel commuted with his motorcycle which meant I got my first motorcycle ride in about 40 years.

With Ariel at Sierra de Órganos National Park

Sierra de Órganos National Park

September 2
Km’s Pedalled – 22 km’s Durango/24 km’s Zacatecas = 48 total

Destination – Sombrerete

Some Notes – My experiences in Vicente Guerrero over the last week were unbelievable.  Ariel joined me this morning for the first 25 km’s to the turn off to Sierra de Órganos National Park.  But not before a young cyclists named Gabriel joined with a guy named Victor driving a Volkswagen Beetle as a pilot car.  Shortly thereafter a pick-up truck was also following the Beetle.

My escort out of Vicente Guerrero

Arriving into the downtown center within seconds there was a guy from Sombrerete al Dia News Company interviewing me on Facebook Live and within moments the Municipal Presidencia (I am assuming that means the mayor) was greeting me.  After that I was being introduced to a Margarita who would be giving a tour of the city later this afternoon.  From there Victor brought to my hotel.  It’s actually a really nice hotel.  Everything happened fairly quickly and with the language barrier it had my head spinning.

With the Municipal Presidencia (the mayor) Ramses Ríos Rodarte & my tour guide Margarita

Victor came by at 4:45pm to bring me back downtown to meet with Margarita.   This would be my first ride ever in one of those old Volkswagen Beetles.  Margarita brought me around the downtown to some of the old Spanish Catholic Churches and then we took a car ride out to some other locations outside the downtown.  We would visit Inglesia de San Francisco de Asis, Parroquia de San Juan Bautista, Santo Domingo de Guzman Parish and Templo La Soledad. Sombrerete dates back to 1555.

Inglesia de San Francisco de Asis

Parroquia de San Juan Bautista

Santo Domingo de Guzman Parish

Templo La Soledad

In the car we would visit an old abandon train station, a cave/rock formation, a closed silver, gold mine and Temple of Our Lady of Guadalupe which would give us a panoramic view of the city.

My original plan was to leave town tomorrow but I have been convinced to stick around another day.

Templo La Soledad

The view from Templo La Soledad

September 3
Km’s Pedalled – 19 + 23.5 km’s

Some Notes – This morning I found out that it was the Municipal Presidencia (the mayor) Ramses Ríos Rodarte that paid for my hotel and guide.  I went on 19 km bike ride around the city and was joined by Ramón Eduardo Aguilar who was in yesterday’s flag pick-up truck.  I visited all the churches I visited yesterday to take more photos and I was also able to get into some of the churches for interior photos.  Some of the new churches I visited were Templo de la Santa Veracruz, Templo de San Pedro Apostol, Templo de Santa Rosa de Lima and Templo de la Candelaria.  Which I was told was Sombrerete’s most important church.

Templo de la Santa Veracruz

Templo de San Pedro Apostol

Templo de Santa Rosa de Lima

Templo de la Candelaria

With Roman

Later in the afternoon I was invited by the Sombrerete Mountain bike club to ride up Cerro Sombreretillo. Cerro Sombreretillo is the big mountain that the city sits below.  The ride would be 23.5 km’s returned.

We biked up to the top of the mountain where a massive cross stands. The cross was completed on May 5, 1955 to commemorate 400 years of the foundation of Sombrerete.  It measures 15 meters tall.  Afterwards we went to a restaurant that one of the club members own for some beers.

I have been convinced to spend another day in Sombrerete.

The Sombrerete Mountain bike club to ride up to the top of Cerro Sombreretillo

September 4
Some Notes – Channa Ayala who owns the restaurant I was at last night made plans to take me out for breakfast.  We went for tacos.  She tried to convince me to try cow brain or cow tongue tacos.  This was not going to happen.

Tacos for breakfast

Also, last night she was messaging me about my jewelry.  She must have been scrolling through my posts as I made no mention of my jewelry to anyone here.  Well, Channa was on a mission to help me sell some jewelry, and help me she did.  Because of her I was able to sell 22 necklaces and 4 rings at her restaurant today.

Keeping the locals happy

The other amazing event that happened this afternoon was that Channa found me my 11th host (so far in Mexico.  The USA was 10 hosts).  I was supposed to stay in the hotel through donations from the MTB club.  Instead, I have a new host and was given $400 pesos as a donation from the bike club.

With Channa

I spent the later part of the afternoon with my host daughter (and family) at some party.  I need to remind myself that I should probably decline certain invitations due to my lack of social skills.  But I still had enough time this evening to get all my photos edited and my blog updated to this point.

September 5
Km’s Pedalled – 47 km’s

Destination – Sain Alto

Some Notes – Last night was a fairly late night working away on my computer.  And it was a little noisy being in the downtown core.  But I had a beautiful view this morning.

This mornings view from my bedroom window

At 11 am I made my way to the downtown centre.  Roman showed up along with the same reporter from the Sombrerete al Dia News Company.  I found out his name is Ricardo Sanchez.  Ricardo did a concluding interview about my visit to Sombrerete.  Luckily for me Ramón did all the talking for me.

With reporter Ricardo Sanchez & last nights host Claudia Hernandez

While waiting to leave some guy showed up and bought 4 necklaces.  I assume that he was friends with Channa.  Roman and my hosts Juan and Areli joined me as I left Sombrerete for the first 21 km’s.  That gave me 25 km’s to bike by myself.  It seems like weeks since I biked by myself.  I guess that might actually be true.

With Juan, Areli and Roman

It was arranged that when I got to Sain Alto that I would connect with Victor for lunch/super.  Victor was the guy driving the flag car for me into Sombrerete the other day.  While eating lunch Victor made a call and before I knew it, I had a host here in town which actually ended up being a hotel room.  While waiting for his friend to show up Victor bought 4 necklaces for his daughters.

With Victor

I had plans to keep biking and a little bit and looked forward to sleeping in the tent.  But at the same time my next destination is Fresnillo which is about 70 km’s away.  Which I should be able to reach tomorrow without too much difficulty.  So, I will take the room.

This evening I discovered a Stripped Bark Scorpion in my bathroom.  Also, I can only assume as result of the Facebook Live interview this morning I can’t keep up with Mexican Facebook friend requests this evening.  As of this evening the interview has 2.2 thousand views. The first interview has 4 thousand views.

A Stripped Bark Scorpion in my hotel room

Today’s weather was perfect but it did rain tonight.  So perhaps the hotel room was a blessing.

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