I see you all. I see you all the time
I know you don’t see me at all
And that’s ok. I get it

Did you know these tears are real
Around you they flow on the inside
Around me they flow on the outside

Do you not know how many tears flow
Don’t you dare ask me to give them up
Who will keep me company

How did I ever get here
I wanted to be human just like you
Did I care just too deeply that I just broke

I am so tired.
Will you give me the validation my soul so desperately cries for
Just want to sleep

Can I tell you about my constant companions
Can I tell you about my guilt and shame
They follow me around everywhere. They have never let me down
Can you handle that

They have taught me all the intimacy I need know
They are my best friends and I hate them for it
But I can always count on them

Don’t worry for I only get lonely around people

Written September 1, 2019

The Great Constant

Every Night I Whisper

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