What can I say about this virus considering I have been trying to avoid the whole topic since all this started.  That being said a lot of people have reached out so I guess it is time to say something.

So I am safe and indoors with a roof over my head.  I arrived at my Aunt Henny’s apartment in Kingston on the first day of Spring (March 19) which was pretty much the eve of the escalation of this virus here in Canada.  My original plan was to stay a few days in Kingston and keep moving.  At the time it seemed the best plan.  Try to keep moving “ahead” of this virus.  Fortunately Ontario and Canada are very big and I have approximately 12,000 more kilometers planned for this country.  So border crossings are the least of my worries.

Within a day or two it became apparent that things were really escalating.  Provinces were and are starting close provincial borders.  What if I get 3 days down the road from a safe roof over my head and Canada/Ontario declare some form of martial law?  I would look like an idiot.

So as far as my immediate future goes I am playing the “sit and wait game.”  I am anxious and plan to start pedaling again the second that I feel safe that I won’t be stuck anywhere else as a result of this virus.  At the end of the day if I get stuck down the road I am either a burden on someone else’s family or spending money to put a roof over my head.

But rest assured that I am itching to get back on the road.  Obviously this virus situation will not last forever so at the time of writing this post absolutely nothing has changed with my plans moving forward.  And in the grand scheme of things I don’t even see any changes with my routing.  If any routing changes occur I don’t foresee those change taking affect in Canada.  If I need to shave kilometers off the ride due to time constraints I see that being done in other countries other than Canada.

If there is one thing I took from my Atlantic Canada experiences is that I hope and wish to maintain as much interaction with Canadians as possible.   I guess we will see what that looks like moving forward after all this virus stuff is behind us.

The one main thing that is and has influenced my current decision making was how I ended up at a family members home on the eve of the escalation of this virus situation unfolding.  When I reflect on adding an extra 1,300 km’s to PEI and NS and the days here and there that kept me indoors either due to winter storms or trying to always keep up with documentation of this ride.   Technically I should be in Thunder Bay by now.  Instead I am safely under a family members roof.

This is pretty crazy timing when I think about it.  Often I reflect on my many amazing interactions with locals on the road and be completely amazed that when I reflected back on all my decisions that my timing was so perfect.  And here I am at the perfect place at the perfect time (given this situation and how much is out of my hands).  Wisdom suggests just sit and wait; for now.

As a side note regarding documentation; just like my time at my parents during Christmas I will not be including my time here in Kingston as “time on the road.”

I also have had a few people ask about other cyclists and their bike tour plans of crossing Canada at such a time.  Should they postpone their ride across Canada?  Everyone needs to make that decision for themselves.  But I feel once we get the all clear to freely move across Canada again I can’t help but think this is a great time to be on the road.  I say go for it.  Let the economy and people get their lives back in order while you have the freedom of the road.  Pedal on and stay safe!

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