Martin, Corinne, Matthew, Samuel & Kyla

On my west from Thunder Bay I stopped at the beautiful Kakebeka Falls.  In less then a minute of arriving The Tempelman family approached me curious about my fully loaded bike.  Pretty quickly Martin noticed my Voortman Cookie hat and made a comment about the founder Harry Voortman.  Which is when I told them that Harry was my great uncle.  In which Corinne informed me that then I had relatives living in Thunder Bay.

At the falls



The Tempelman’s had lived a few years in Burlington and attended the same church as my uncle Harry and was familiar and friends with a few of Harry’s and Bill’s children.

Very quickly an invitation was extended to their farm about 6 kilometers off the highway from the falls.  I instantly agreed.  My time with them was so appreciated I actually secretly didn’t want to leave.

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