While in Zacatecas I met another cyclist named Elton.  You can read about our meeting HERE.

We would find ourselves at a restaurant called La Leyenda.  The restaurant was filled with trinkets and amazing works of art.  Apparently all left by artists from around the world.  I joke with Elton that it would be cool for one of my poems to be hanging on one of the walls.  Very quickly Elton spoke to the owner who insisted I submit a poem.  I submitted I Sit In The Quiet

I sit in the quiet

I feel Your presence over me
My eyes gaze towards the heavens
I have so many questions

It has been too long
Since I sat in the quiet of Your presence
My eyes gaze towards the ground beneath me

What will my story be
Show me how to be quiet
What will You have me do

So much noise in my head
I close my eyes in anticipation
The rain drops splatter the earth

Remind me of the quiet

Written March 10, 2020

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